Getting 8 Hours of Sleep When You’re Broke

Many of you know ET the Hiphop preacher, the guy who is super excited, full of energy, who motivates, speaks, and does a lot of other things. Well, I listen to his TGIM’s (Thank God It’s Monday) and he said something that just made me laugh. He said, “you snoring, getting 8 hours of sleep when you’re broke.”

sleeping while you're brok
Sleeping While Broke is for Babies


I was laughing because so many of us do this… and not just financially. Some y’all are broke spiritually and you sleeping, won’t get up pray, won’t get up and read, you snoring and can’t even remember your dream.


Some of you are broke socially, and you won’t pick up a book or course on how to become better socially; and you getting all 8 hours of sleep. Some of you are broke healthwise, and you STILL can’t figure out how to get yourself healthy… you’re sleeping on the info someone gave you, you’re sleeping on the products someone gave you… YOU’RE SLEEPING!


So what I want you to do right now is to think for a second right now… what are you broke in and you still sleeping on. Is it your career, your business, your health, your marriage, your children, your ideas, your God…


I need you to wake up and cut your sleep down on that… for real


“Due Daniels, I don’t feel good when I wake up too early.”


I feel you, but does that feel better than being broke? Does that extra hour or three of sleep feel better than telling your kids, “we’ll go on that trip next year, we’ll get those clothes when we get some money, I’ll do your hair when I get some time…” and on and on and on…


Priorities have to change… if you’re life is going to change… if you’re broke, and you don’t like being broke, you shouldn’t be sleeping 8 hours a day. If you don’t understand scripture, you shouldn’t be sleeping 8 hours a day.


If you don’t have your marriage or relationships where they need to be, you shouldn’t be sleeping period, somebody may throw some hot oatmeal on you… just kidding… haha


Let’s get these priorities together and make a difference in our lives TODAY! Holla at me!



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