Get Your Life Together Gee


Get Your Life Together Gee

Get Your Life Together Gee

This phrase is usually said to someone who makes a big blunder or has a major set back in life, often caused by their own self.

Someone close to them (or not these days) will say, “brother (or sister), you’ve gotta get your life together!”

It is true! When things are in a chronic disarray, you have to get it together as oppose to a specific plan gone wrong where you only have to reset and adjust.

If you’re constantly having bad sh%t happen to you, you probably really need to get your life together. How do you do this?

How do you get your life together in 60 seconds?

The best way is to create your ideal future with a clear vision. I call it the Hollywood approach to my clients. In Hollywood, many producers and directors are given scripts and they normally toss the majority out. The good ones hit the big screen. So what we teach people to do is write out their own script.

Based on their own values we teach they should create a vision (motion picture) for themselves they way they would live an ideal life goings forward in the future. With no limitations or hindrances, imagine what your movie script lifestyle would be.

Put it together, you’re the writer author and creator of the movie and script. Now get your life together gee!

If you’d like help doing this contact me today!

Getting Rich Quick – The New Way Here!

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Get Rick Quick


Get Rick Quick

Get Rich Quick

If you want to get rich quick, your best resource will be mathematics and the lottery ball.

Now, chances are you won’t win the lottery and if you study up on math you’d quickly figure that out.

Maybe you can use your new found math skills to make a wonderful business or career of yourself.

Why do we want to get rich quick?

It probably has something to do with living a comfortable life, having the things you want, doing what you want, and being who you want.

I won’t lie, it takes more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to have all of the things above. The overwhelming answer than is for us to get rich quick-ly in knowledge wisdom and understanding.

The way to do this is through education and mentorship by someone who has done or thoroughly researched persons who have done the things you want.

Do you want to get rich quick? There really is no such horse except through lottery, which is dumb luck. The quickest way to get rich, is to eat good fats for the brain, and educate yourself!

Get Rich Quick by Reading and Learning


Getting a Financial Consultant | Day 14


Getting a Financial Consultant

Welcome to day 14 of the 30 days to turn your life around challenge with your host Mr. Due Daniels…

Today we want to set up a financial system to manage and invest and spend the money that we make and also bring in better ways to increase our incomings. This will be best done by obtaining a financial consultant/analyst/advisor.

We are not looking for just any ole average financial advisor that will tell you how to order your ducks and set up a budget. That is great but what we are truly looking for is for the financial analyst that can look at what you are doing currently and can help correct a lot of your ways and habits ( financial habits); and also one who can look at your desires and dreams and goals and make sure you are on the right path for obtaining those as well.

Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback.

Due Daniels