Everybody Needs a Shrink


Everybody Needs a Shrink
We really do not believe his accounts!

Everyone needs a shrink, boxing bag, cigarette, and a bag of flaming hot chips…

Well maybe we can lose the cigarettes and chips … but everyone can use a shrink and boxing bag. Life has a way of disturbing even the gentlest of people.

The calmest people are getting stirred up today!

There was the story by the man who said …

I was walking down the street minding my own business, and this man came up to me and punch me in the face. I hit the ground and when I looked up, I said, DOCTOR KING (referring to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), and Dr. King replied, “my fault, I thought you were somebody else!”

When the leader of the nonviolent movement is throwing blows, we know that we all can use an extra chill pill.

Think about it, the only time we want to choke people is when we run out of words or lose control all together.

Both of these can be avoided and aided very well by having someone to talk to.

A shrink!Everybody Needs a Shrink

The shrink could be your wife, husband, friend, brother, neighbor … just watch out because some shrinks don’t sign confidentiality forms!

You don’t want the whole neighborhood smiling and winking at you or frowning and pounding their fist…



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