Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time


Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

You’ve seen it where someone is too positive all the time. They are too positive to mourn, to feel bad, to watch the news, and are a bit out of touch with reality.

I was like that for a moment in time where I’d be around some friends of mine and they would be giving me the rundown on the atrocities and negative news going around the world and city, and I’d first of all didn’t know these types of things existed.

It started when I went on an information fast and completely stopped watching the news, reading the paper, reading news blogs, and listening to podcasts. When I did come back to info consumption, I only read books that lined up with my goals and dreams, and aspirations.

Naturally, I’m an empathetic person, so if someone called me with the news that someone died or was shot, I’d respond the way a normal person should respond to someone else’s bad sad or troubling news.

That’s terrible, and saddening. I’m really sorry to hear that. Is there anything specific you need from me (besides my unconditional care and love – I don’t say that part, but I express it)?”

From there I find positives that can counter some of the negatives and act as hope for them or light in the midst of their dark moment.

People who ignore or brush off, or quickly move to another topic, upon hearing bad news from someone else, are not being fake, but they have lost touch with reality a bit. They perhaps also have a low level of empathy or don’t know how to express empathy well.

Positive people feel all the emotions that negative or ordinary people feel. The difference is that we make a conscious decision and effort to turn the camera from the negative scene and go back to the positive one.

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time

It is possible to be positive all the time; such person is a “conscious being,” and that consciousness has seeped into their subconsciousness and that becomes all they know.

The only way they know how to respond to anything has been poured into them so that it is natural and automatic. It’s not fake, it is who they have become or transformed into.

Do you know people positive all the time, and how do you deal with them?

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Emotions Money and Women


Emotions Money and Women

Emotions Money and Women

I was near a pond and saw a duck violently chasing another duck and it was very interesting to see.

I wondered what the chase was about. I thought, since they are ducks and don’t have the human lifestyle we have, so I figured it couldn’t be about money.

So I went with my second thought, it was a guy duck chasing a gal duck. These animals will chase the heck out of a female.

But don’t laugh oh mighty human…

We aren’t far from the animal kingdom, as human men do the same with human women.

There are three things we’ll chase another man or woman to the ends of the earth for; those are for money, women, and our emotions.

Big Worm said it best, “you playing with my emotions Smokey,” and there are two things he didn’t want no one playing with. Those were his money or his emotions. All three, however, I suggest we get a good grasp and control of.

Of course if you need more detail on this, feel free to contact us!

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Benefits of Blogging

The Key Benefits of Blogging

Blogging Benefits

The average Joseph and Josephina does not know what writing a blog can do for them on a daily basis. Blogging can be viewed as nerdy or something that just takes up time without giving the instant gratification society has grown use to. Recently blogging however has left the nerd station and has become sexy. Some very informed people have realized the many benefits of blogging and I want to share a few here in this article.


I’ll start out by just refreshing you on what a blog is. The original term for blog was weblog. A weblog is simply a log of content people keep. Before blogs came into the scene, websites were mainly flash or static. Now a weblog can be kept for visitors to websites to go back and view what this website (online journal of a website) has been up to for the last few months, years, or days. So a blog is just like keeping a journal, the things young girls write in to get their emotions out in print, and talk about who they have a secret crush on. With this background info, what is the benefit of blogging?


The key benefit for me is the capability to improve my thinking. A guy I work with explained this to me in detail. Anything kept track of and consistently written on will improve the brain’s processing of that information. Processing things better helps the brain cognitively, and this helps one think better. I used this process before my colleague showed it to me and it has helped me in many different topics I ventured to learn about. I’d simply journal or blog my experience and what I learned. It helps to retain it better, communicate it easier, thus helping the brain process it. This is thinking better.

How is this done? Ask questions and answer them. If questions are not looming (in your mind), go find questions people are asking and answer those questions for them. This does twofold of things for benefit; it will allow for the development of good content topics for blogging, and allow for learning and thinking better on that subject. By answering questions, it is forcing the brain to work in the figure of thinking.

The second benefit of blogging

The second benefit of blogging is the potential to earn an income. Many people begin blogging for this purpose only, and that is okay because done well, the other benefits will add themselves. Blogging for income is not an overnight “money banger” but if done consistently for the first 90 days, and the blog is monetized correctly, income will become apparent. There are many ways to earn money from blogging. Once your blog has been set up, setting us ads, Google Adsense (program), using affiliate programs and products, and developing individual products to advertise on blogs are the obvious and easiest ways to bring in cash while blogging.


In order to earn money, good quality content is a must. Spitting out junk will have people avoid such blog and with no visitors, monetizing a blog is extremely difficult. So far thinking better and making money are two of the benefits; whoever would have thought thinking and money would go hand-in-hand.


By blogging, a blogger is able to help other people. How-to blogs, educational blogs, product review, or just entertaining blogs help the reader or viewer and that is a benefit successful bloggers enjoy. In order to be successful with this, the blogger has to give quality-solution providing material and this is how blogging helps others.


Blogs that help other people helps turn the blogger into a known expert in his or her field. In the past, a stay at home mother started a blog about how she handled being a mom, wife, and stay at home person (mom). That simple hobby grew immensely and people began to come to her for advice. She was able to help hundreds of people and mothers all across the world began to view her as an expert. This is one of the benefits of blogging. Bloggers can get press passes to events in their niche, and get media spots because they are viewed as experts in their field. This is a great benefit to blogging.


There are other benefits; however, these four really stand out to me. Taking the first step and starting a blog is the key. Imagine starting a hobby that takes perhaps half an hour a day and it helps one think better, earn money, help others, and become an expert. If that does not make one go out and begin blogging, I just don’t know what will. It is very easy to begin a blog today; it can start for less than 25 bucks a month. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of blogging!


To learn more about the unknown benefits of blogging and how two homeless men turned hobbies into a 6 million dollar website business by blogging, watch this free video here!


Thanks for hanging out and spending some time learning the unknown benefits of blogging



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