Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time


Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

You’ve seen it where someone is too positive all the time. They are too positive to mourn, to feel bad, to watch the news, and are a bit out of touch with reality.

I was like that for a moment in time where I’d be around some friends of mine and they would be giving me the rundown on the atrocities and negative news going around the world and city, and I’d first of all didn’t know these types of things existed.

It started when I went on an information fast and completely stopped watching the news, reading the paper, reading news blogs, and listening to podcasts. When I did come back to info consumption, I only read books that lined up with my goals and dreams, and aspirations.

Naturally, I’m an empathetic person, so if someone called me with the news that someone died or was shot, I’d respond the way a normal person should respond to someone else’s bad sad or troubling news.

That’s terrible, and saddening. I’m really sorry to hear that. Is there anything specific you need from me (besides my unconditional care and love – I don’t say that part, but I express it)?”

From there I find positives that can counter some of the negatives and act as hope for them or light in the midst of their dark moment.

People who ignore or brush off, or quickly move to another topic, upon hearing bad news from someone else, are not being fake, but they have lost touch with reality a bit. They perhaps also have a low level of empathy or don’t know how to express empathy well.

Positive people feel all the emotions that negative or ordinary people feel. The difference is that we make a conscious decision and effort to turn the camera from the negative scene and go back to the positive one.

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time

It is possible to be positive all the time; such person is a “conscious being,” and that consciousness has seeped into their subconsciousness and that becomes all they know.

The only way they know how to respond to anything has been poured into them so that it is natural and automatic. It’s not fake, it is who they have become or transformed into.

Do you know people positive all the time, and how do you deal with them?

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