Necessity of Constant Elevation


Necessity of Constant Elevation

Necessity of Constant Elevation

The 90s supreme rap group GraveDiggaz (named after the idea of digging people out of mental graves), had a quote that went like this:

Positive education activates constant elevation…

I loved it and quit my job a drug pusher in the mean streets I grew up in. Just kidding, I never pushed drugs and I didn’t grow up in mean streets. My streets were often rude, but not mean.

At any-rate, I revisited the idea of the necessity of constant elevation after seeing this quote by Napoleon Hill, where he says, he would rather begin at the bottom and climb to the top, than to start at the top and have to remain there.

So would I.

The thrill of going from nothing to something is one of the most exciting rides you can find. If you were blessed to born into an affluent family, it is not over for you. There are many things you can venture in to challenge yourself and see what you’re made of.

Obviously, if you were born into a wealthy family, someone in your family line went from nothing to something; so it is in you. Keep climbing because it drives the life force in you. Stagnant people die off unfortunately, so continue to elevate


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Mentors for Personal Development


Mentors for Personal Development

What is personal development? In life you are a product of development since birth. Depending on your environment, parents (genetics), and the information you record, it is all programming you. You will ultimately development into the end-product of those three things.

If your upbringing is poor, don’t fret; you can reprogram yourself or redevelop yourself. Education is the key; the thing is we sometimes were under illusions of what education meant or is. Development is not all education. Development is the mixture of education and applicable habits and paradigms.

A mentor can be crucial in your personal development.

If you’d like mentorship coaching or a personal counselor, you can apply for an interview to explore our program or get recommendations for mentors in the fields you seek.

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Your Financial Wake up Call

Your Financial Wake up Call

What will be your wake up call….will you answer?


That ferris wheel of frustration that you just can’t seem to get out of.

Friday comes along, before you can even see the money, all your creditors already have their hand out ready to take their cut. Before you know it, it’s monday morning, and you’re waiting for your next check.  This was my life, and I hated it.

My husband and I sat down after a nice long argument relating to our finances and really took a look at our debts.  Before sitting down the line that we said the most often was  “there’s no reason we’re making so much money and be this stressed out about money”.

After listing all of our debts, we knew why.  We were spend far beyond our means.

Like many of us, we look at something that we wanted and said “we can afford the payments on that”.  It was that simple.

We had to change the way we were thinking about money.


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Why You Aren’t Getting Everything You Want In Life


Why You Aren’t Getting Everything You Want In LifeWith lifestyles full of loopholes and failures, the road to success has never been straight for anyone, even for those who have made it to the top ladder in their lives. Are you living in a manner that restricts you from making a step forward to making your living a success? If that is you, it is time to ask yourself why you are not getting everything you want.

There are many reasons why you never get that which you desire. You only remember that which you have had and not that which you really desire to have. Life is hard, that is given and it is no secret that you will fall down, but every time that happens, you should stand all the difficulties and at the end of the day you will win.

Living in your past will always restrict you from dreaming bigger than you ought to. If you wallow in your past and focus more on your past successes and failures, you are absolutely not prepared for the future nor the things that you desire to achieve. Mighty people understand that the challenges of the past are meant to make life shed a light of handling difficulties to come.

If you make believe and wish you were another person because they are successful will always bring you down. Why wish you had the same ideas like them when you can come up with what no one has ever thought about in your area? If you always want to be like them, life will never allow you to see the real you, rather it will make you see others in yourself.

Why You Aren’t Getting Everything You Want In Life

You probably have not thought about your wants in life and that is part of the reason why you are not getting that which fits you. You will never get an education, a stable career and a fulfilling love life if you do not know that these are some of the things that you want. It all depends on your mindset.

Quitting five minutes before your miracle is the worst mistake that will topple you down. If you know what your wants are and do what it takes to get it, do not give up with when that miracle happens. Even when your friends have tried and never made it through, believe that you will make it somehow.

Maybe you are not keeping your eyes locked on the things to achieve. Getting everything you want is easy when you focus on your goal. Whatever you plant is what you sow. Knowing this, here are the main reasons you aren’t getting everything you want out of life. The first is because what you want is not clear. Wanting money and a good life is not good enough. That is like the guy who says, I just want a car to get around in. Then the guy gets upset he is driving a 93 Mazda that breaks down once a me out please

Be specific and know exactly what you want; it must be clear. The second reason is because people are not consistent in their dealings. During his Hall of Fame career, do you think Michael Jordan went to practice once in a while or everyday?

Why You Aren’t Getting Everything You Want In Life

Last, get the right vehicle to take you to your goals. I see this all the time, a lady wants to make money so she goes to school to be a nurse? True, nurses make good money, but if money is what you want, you might as well get a good quality opportunity or business and learn to work it very well; or you can go into finance or research a career that you will LOVE that pays the income you will be happy to work your tail off for.

It was said by Jesus that you will be wise if you equip yourself for any undertaking. This is why people are not getting everything they want in life. They are not equipped to first have a crystal clear vision of what they want, they are not consistent enough, and some are driving the wrong vehicles or taking the wrong or exaggerated routes. These are 3 of the best explanations of why you aren’t getting everything you want out of life.


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