What’s Your OST?


What’s Your OST?

What’s Your OST?

I began reading a book by Alastair Campbell, and I won’t review the book here because I merely began reading it a few days ago.

At any rate, Campbell lays out something that all winners in the world have. They have an OST.

What is OST?

Winners have an objective or popularly known as a goal. With that objective, winners have a strategy to obtain the goal. Most people have goals or objectives, but they do not have sound strategies or a strategy period to get what they want.

Campbell says this is nearly the most vital thing today because knowledge is everywhere. People have access to the same coaches, teachers, mentors, leaders, and everything else that the next man and woman has access to.

What set’s winners from losers is strategy. What’s important about strategy is that it must be written down.

The last thing is tactics. Just because we have a strategy doesn’t mean everything is going to go as planned. This is where tactics come into play. Tactics are thing things you must do to establish the strategy.

I guess, said another way would be the “GPA,” goal, plan, actions. As I get more into the book, maybe I’ll do a review or maybe just give more micro tips for you. Develop your OST today!

The new year is coming upon us, it is a good time to write out a new OST or refine the one you’re currently working on!

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What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?


What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?

I enjoy reading books, consequently it has become one of my favorite pastimes or things to do. However, I have notice that the book collection you have tells a lot about you just like the friends that you have.

I have been personally reshuffling my book collection and my friend collection. It is a difficult thing to do, but a very necessary thing when you are looking at the direction you want your life to go.

My bookshelf is graced with some of the most wonderful books in developing the mind. I have a collection that is well diversified also.

What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?

I’ll take you into the Christian biblical land, then we venture into personal development, followed by health and wellness, followed by money management and systems, into internet marketing and different ways of earning money. We’d then read biographies and autobiographies of divers men and women.

My book collection sometimes is my local library because I do not feel it vital to have every book in my house, only the good ones! So what does your book look like?

Comment below with the books or the industries on the subject below.