What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?


What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?

I enjoy reading books, consequently it has become one of my favorite pastimes or things to do. However, I have notice that the book collection you have tells a lot about you just like the friends that you have.

I have been personally reshuffling my book collection and my friend collection. It is a difficult thing to do, but a very necessary thing when you are looking at the direction you want your life to go.

My bookshelf is graced with some of the most wonderful books in developing the mind. I have a collection that is well diversified also.

What Does Your Book Collection Look Like?

I’ll take you into the Christian biblical land, then we venture into personal development, followed by health and wellness, followed by money management and systems, into internet marketing and different ways of earning money. We’d then read biographies and autobiographies of divers men and women.

My book collection sometimes is my local library because I do not feel it vital to have every book in my house, only the good ones! So what does your book look like?

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