Keep Laughing at Yourself


 Keep Laughing at Yourself

 Keep Laughing at Yourself

It’s a good idea to laugh at yourself. The reason why you must keep laughing at yourself is because you’ll have plenty of reason to.

The mistakes we make on an ongoing basis are sometimes worthy of us chopping our heads off. I beg you don’t do that!

Instead of being all rigid and harsh on yourself all the time, laugh at it to loosen yourself , be stress free, and ready to learn from your funny blunders.

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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Hold Yourself to Strict Accountability


Hold Yourself to Strict Accountability

Hold Yourself to Strict Accountablility

In the grand scheme of life, if you’re going to make excuses for anything or anyone, you can make them. There is just one exception…

You can make excuses for the shortcomings of others, but before we get there… you MUST old yourself to a strict accountability!

This is the case if you want to attain leadership of any kind in any undertaking. So you can make excuses for other, if you want, “she had a tough childhood,” or “he didn’t get a good night of sleep,” but none of these excuses should you permit for yourself!

Join a No Excuses Club

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Mentors for Personal Development


Mentors for Personal Development

What is personal development? In life you are a product of development since birth. Depending on your environment, parents (genetics), and the information you record, it is all programming you. You will ultimately development into the end-product of those three things.

If your upbringing is poor, don’t fret; you can reprogram yourself or redevelop yourself. Education is the key; the thing is we sometimes were under illusions of what education meant or is. Development is not all education. Development is the mixture of education and applicable habits and paradigms.

A mentor can be crucial in your personal development.

If you’d like mentorship coaching or a personal counselor, you can apply for an interview to explore our program or get recommendations for mentors in the fields you seek.

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