What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?


 What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?

 What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?

We have lost sight of very simple things in life. Investing is one of them. I’ll tell you what happened…

A group of people, often very greedy, realized how simple and easy things are with money and they complex these things a bit to make others feel like it is too complicated.

I want you to become someone who learns the art of slow motion or breaking things down into smaller chunks. The reality is investing is very simple.

It is basically about you disciplining yourself to put your money to work for you over time. The longer you make your money work in an investment vehicle, the more time it has to mature and grow.

The key is to know what you are growing your investments for. Understand the purpose of your investment, choose the risk level you’re comfortable with and let the dog-gone dollar go to work. That sounds simple right?

Well leave it at that level and when advisors or financial gurus speed it up and complicate you, just tell them to slow it down for you or break it into a smaller chuck you can digest (understand). It is your money after all.

It is vital to have financial security, and to invest well, you must know yourself really well.

Of course if you need help with this, we aren’t financial advisors, but we can point you in the right direction, feel free to contact us!

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May I Suggest to You


May I Suggest to You

May I Suggest to You

Very often we are met by friends, family, associates, and even complete strangers who have a take on our situation…

…and they’ll take the liberty to suggest something to you. They will begin with the aged old sentence…

“May I Suggest to You”

And you’d have to live in the deep part of the “hood” or “countryville” for someone to say, “NO YOU CAN’T MR.!”

The reality is that people have been making suggestions to you for a very long time. When you were younger, you probably took all suggestions like it wasn’t anything.

You didn’t do a background check on who was giving you the suggestion or not. The key in this posting is to remind you that you need to autosuggest to yourself, and take counsel from someone who has done what you are attempting to do.

Autosuggestion is something you suggest over and over to yourself, your subconscious mind, until it becomes second nature to you. It becomes you!

So may I suggest to you to use autosuggestion?

As always, if you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

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