Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure


Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure

Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure

The man or woman who understands the difference between temporary defeat and failure is very fortunate in their learning and understanding.

They understand that defeats are learning processes. A good NBA team will lose 20 to 30 times in a given season, yet that team may still win the NBA title.

The season was not a failure.

More fortunate than the man or woman who understands the above difference is the woman or man who has learned the truth that the planting of success is simply asleep in every defeat they experience.

The failure believes the seed of success was killed in a defeat, not understanding it was simply dormant. If you totally understand the difference, you will be a totally successful person!

What is something you’ve taken as a failure not realizing it was a temporary defeat?

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Activating Your Power Through Authority


Activating Your Power Through Authority

Activating Your Power Through Authority

Power is organized effort, and it leads to success.

As you go after organized effort, which is power, you will most likely find yourself in a position of asking or needing help from someone who is more powerful than you are at that moment.

When you run into such a case, you must understand the way or the formula of asking for help. Powerful people do not give help to weak beggerly people.

This is what brother James tells in the scripture, to boldly ask for what you want from your Creator and do not come doubtingly or window-washy. James says that such a man will not get anything from God with that type of mindset.

It is perhaps the same reason why such a person will not receive anything from the hands of man, if they come asking in the wrong way. The way to ask for help from someone more powerful than you, lives in your ability to understand the person you’re dealing with and not to confuse what you need from them with their needs.

Robert Greene says in the book Power (p98), that most people never succeed at getting what they want from other powerful people, because they are completely trapped in their own wants and desires.

They begin their quest for what they want by assuming the powerful people they are dealing with are selfless and want to help them. Nobody wants to help you, therefore you must find a way to help their need in order for them to want to help whatever your need is.

This is what we call authority and it will help to activate any power, organized effort, that you need. You need to be authorized and that comes from powerful people by dealing with their needs in order to fulfill yours.

What kind of problems have you faced that got smaller when you saw some of the problems of other people in the world?

Creating the Power of Vision in Your Life

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Welcome to the Company Who Almost


Welcome to the Company Who Almost

Welcome to the Company Who Almost

People can say stuff like, “he barely made it,” or “she just got in by the skin of her teeth,” however, they are forgetting a major part of their sentence. “Made it,” and “got in!”

There are a lot of people throughout history who have barely made it, who failed over and over and finally won or succeed.

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Abraham Lincoln, President Barack Obama, and many more. If you’ve failed but are still looking at your goals and objectives, you are in great company.

In fact, I say welcome to the company of people who almost failed. You’re in, until you’re out. You do until you don’t, but there is a list of great men and women who were ALMOST failures and are known today as winners and champions.

You are more than a conqueror, so keep fighting!

No man or woman ever achieves anything worthwhile who didn’t find themselves at one time or another, hanging well over the brink of failure.

Want to make sure you’re in the company of those who ALMOST failed? You can contact us!

The One Confession We Cannot Disown

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Clarity is the Key to Success


Clarity is the Key to Success

Clarity is the Key to Success

Clarity is the key to everything my friends. To do your very best, one thing is absolutely necessary and that is to be very clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you don’t identify and pursue your goals the best way, you will not achieve it.

People who are open to new information, are willing to accept feedback, and correct themselves will tend to have more success than those who can’t do the above.

Brian Tracy, a master of self productivity, leans heavily on being clear of what your end-goal is in order for you to have success.

If you’re driving down the road and it is a sunny clear day, you can go faster because the road is clear and you can see clearly.

But, if a storm comes upon you, you would have to slow down (because of wet road) and adjust your speed (because of visibility) and ultimately your journey will take longer.

So make sure you are clear and it will help you obtain success more easily.

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

Get on the Same Financial Page

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Health Development Key To Success


Health Development Key to Success

Personal development, relationships, money, freedom/leverage, and spirituality are major components to enjoying true success in life. Another vital area is in your personal health. This is what this short discussion here is about. Having health development is a key to having overall success in life.

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You Can’t Handle Success: “Girl You Can’t Handle This”


Girl You Can’t Handle This

Many people aren’t successful in business or life for that matter simply because they can’t handle it. They get all worked up in stuff that does not matter and they can’t handle the success and what comes with it.

Truth be known, a bunch of failure, ridicule, and frustration comes with success… just ask any successful person. There are GREAT videos on YouTube, I mean just wonderful and edifying, yet some people choose to give it a thumbs down, so a lot of stuff comes with success and people at most just aren’t ready for it.

I wasn’t ready for it for years until I realized that it comes with the territory called success! So I’m telling you now, both guys and girls… “you can’t handle this…”