Continued Learning Institutions


Continued Learning Institutions

Continued Learning Institutions

School may not be for you, but continued learning is for everyone. Everyone must continue learning if they want to be on the top side of society and the world today.

The game is about knowledge and more so, applied knowledge. What do you know? What you know will dictate what you do. What you DO will dictate the value you can have to yourself, your family, your community, your city, state, and country.

If you know nothing, you can’t help and helping is serving, and those who serve the most live the grandest lives. Continued learning institutions are all over the world.

We often think of them as colleges and universities, but the true continued learning institutions are our public and private libraries. They hold the gold, use them and get to a point where you’re reading a book a week.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge.

The graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world. Many kept their dreams in their heads, treasures buried in the ground. The blessed ones wrote them in books, audios, and videos OR created them for us to use today.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge. This is the continued learning institution you must stay enrolled in.

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The Service You Render to Others


The Service You Render to Others

The Service You Render to Others

Everything we have is a direct result of the choices we’ve made in life. Part of those choices are directly related to the services we’ve rendered to others.

Serving others is not charity or just washing someone else’s feet as a humble kind gesture. Instead, serving or service is the act of rendering something to someone else that serves a valuable purpose in their life.

The space we occupy and the authority we finally a blessed to attain is mathematically measure, according to Napoleon Hill, to its’ exactness by the service we render to others.

Are you giving? Are you improving other people or just yourself. Are you smiling at people and helping them without wanting anything back in return?

Have you educated yourself enough to be able to give and have you systematize your gift to be able to serve in an organized state?

These are questions you should answer to yourself, and remember what you have is based on choices, choices to serve or be served is what you will have to decide on.

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