Remember Punctuality


Remember Punctuality

Remember Punctuality

Rules of engagement states that when you have to be somewhere and more importantly, when you make an agreement or appointment to be somewhere or with someone; you must obey punctuality.

You have to put on your “I’m responsible” hat and be on time. It may look small or be a small thing to you, but it is very big in character development and personality.

Assume the responsibility of being punctual, because where an agreement is made, you owe it to yourself to obey and respect commitment and to obey and respect the other person and their time!

Need to learn some habits that will help your punctuality ability and habits? Feel non obligated to contact us!

You Are Not Finished Right Now!

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Responsibility and Fault


Responsibility and Fault

Responsibility and Fault

Popular song or rap song came out back in the 90s, where an artist named Mystikal coined a song titled, “It Ain’t My Fault.”

We’re not going to go into the song details, but what the hook screamed is what lots of people think every day.

When something happens, people are quick to say and think it is not their fault. It ain’t my fault leads to a light level of  “it ain’t my problem,” which leads to “it ain’t my responsibility.”

In your relationships, on your jobs, in your business, and everywhere else in between, if you can get to a point of taking the responsibility, you are going to lesson the problem.

If you lessen the problem, you’ll actually offset the finger point of whose fault it really is. Even if a situation is not your fault, it may still be your responsibility.

Obviously, there is always someone or something to blame in situations, but if you practice taking responsibility, the fault won’t matter.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur or person who takes responsibility, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

Watch What Your Doing, Your Children Are Watching You!

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