Continued Learning Institutions


Continued Learning Institutions

Continued Learning Institutions

School may not be for you, but continued learning is for everyone. Everyone must continue learning if they want to be on the top side of society and the world today.

The game is about knowledge and more so, applied knowledge. What do you know? What you know will dictate what you do. What you DO will dictate the value you can have to yourself, your family, your community, your city, state, and country.

If you know nothing, you can’t help and helping is serving, and those who serve the most live the grandest lives. Continued learning institutions are all over the world.

We often think of them as colleges and universities, but the true continued learning institutions are our public and private libraries. They hold the gold, use them and get to a point where you’re reading a book a week.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge.

The graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world. Many kept their dreams in their heads, treasures buried in the ground. The blessed ones wrote them in books, audios, and videos OR created them for us to use today.

Go to your library and grab their knowledge. This is the continued learning institution you must stay enrolled in.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

How to Live with Some Passion in Life!!

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I am Not a Poor Black Kid


poor black kids studyI ran into this article by a middle aged white guy from a middle class background who had an easier life than most poor black kids. His name is Gene Marks, and he writes for Forbes online, and covers technologies helping companies become quicker, better, wiser, etc., according to his bio.

He listened to a speech by President Obama about the crucial time for the middle class, and it inspired him to write the article I’m writing this blog post on today. He noted that he was and is not a poor black kid, but if he was he would certainly make sure he worked hard to get the best grades possible. He’d make sure he could read sufficiently (book of the week style), as a priority.

I wouldn’t care if I was a student at the worst public middle school in the worst inner city.  Even the worst have their best.

Getting good grades gives you more options, even if you’re at a sh&tty school, and knowing how to read well and read with comprehension will educate you beyond the walls of your school. That’s all I wanted to comment on in his article. The vitalness in reading as his top priority. What does it matter to you and why is it important coming from some middle aged guy who writes for Forbes.

Well I don’t know Gene Marks and won’t reach out to him for anything. He’s a published author and is in the circle of  learned men and women, so I’m sure he knows a thing or two about being educated. READ and teach our children to read.

I am not a poor black kid, but if I was, I’d make sure I could read and I’d read books and score high in school, and if I had an extracurricular talent, I’d go all out on that secondary to my reading and education and knowledge skills.


Here is Gene’s original article to read the rest of what he’d do.


Amazon and Jeff Bezos Sell Everything


You can buy everything you need and want from online from a store that sells… everything!

The Everything Store Book Read

I purchase from often or at least search items from them. The concept they have is an ideal concept especially for the internet age we are in today. If you have business acumen, learning from the founder and CEO of Amazon will be a great idea and model to build yourself after. I took away a few things in reading this book and here they are below.

Here are my book read major takeaways:

Number 1

Start early. Jeff Bezos was put in a school as a child that encouraged creativity, intelligence, and reading. Bezos who read a lot of books as a child, was amazed to learn a fellow student was reading 12 books a week. Start your kids early and if you’re just now learning this for yourself, start reading or finding ways to read and gather valuable information (like this blog or book club) to use for your business or personal growth.

Number 2

Get personal with your vision and so-called competitors. Bezos had a vision that would be an online store people can buy anything they need from. It started with books, but ventured out from there. He kept his vision no matter how cloudy and dark it looked. He kept the vision even-though the internet dotcom bubble burst and thousands of companies and investors fell through the cracks.

He got personal because he knew people were waiting to laugh, and waiting to tell him, “we told you it wouldn’t work!” Nevertheless, he was very calculated and planned out, and stayed the course by getting personal with his vision.

Number 3

Hire the best! Jeff Bezos focused on hiring the best people. Applicants for Amazon had to be smart, sharp, and skillful. In business, recruit the best and hire people are are extremely sharp! No slouches, no cowards, no lazy people; Bezos would ask applicants questions like, “how many mountains are in the world,” or “how many cars are there in the world?” He wasn’t looking for the right answer, he was looking for how you answered. Did you think or did you say something like, “that’s impossible to find out!”

Number 4

For businesspeople mainly, but for everyone in their family or personal lives, create a work culture. The work culture at was slavish nearly, but very hardcore. Your family life could not exist at and applicants knew that walking in the door, especially for higher leveled jobs. In your business or life, you want to create an atmosphere and culture in which people come to work with. Bezos atmosphere was, leave your smiles and bubbly behavior at home or in the car!

The Everything Store of Jeff Bezos

This is what I pulled away, you may grab more if you read the book. If you do, come back and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to share it with one person you love and you can learn more about other subjects and books by joining our Book Read Club.

Get a copy of the Everything Story from the Everything Store… Amazon


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