Activating Your Power Through Authority


Activating Your Power Through Authority

Activating Your Power Through Authority

Power is organized effort, and it leads to success.

As you go after organized effort, which is power, you will most likely find yourself in a position of asking or needing help from someone who is more powerful than you are at that moment.

When you run into such a case, you must understand the way or the formula of asking for help. Powerful people do not give help to weak beggerly people.

This is what brother James tells in the scripture, to boldly ask for what you want from your Creator and do not come doubtingly or window-washy. James says that such a man will not get anything from God with that type of mindset.

It is perhaps the same reason why such a person will not receive anything from the hands of man, if they come asking in the wrong way. The way to ask for help from someone more powerful than you, lives in your ability to understand the person you’re dealing with and not to confuse what you need from them with their needs.

Robert Greene says in the book Power (p98), that most people never succeed at getting what they want from other powerful people, because they are completely trapped in their own wants and desires.

They begin their quest for what they want by assuming the powerful people they are dealing with are selfless and want to help them. Nobody wants to help you, therefore you must find a way to help their need in order for them to want to help whatever your need is.

This is what we call authority and it will help to activate any power, organized effort, that you need. You need to be authorized and that comes from powerful people by dealing with their needs in order to fulfill yours.

What kind of problems have you faced that got smaller when you saw some of the problems of other people in the world?

Creating the Power of Vision in Your Life

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20 Minutes a Day of Quiet Time


 20 Minutes a Day of Quiet Time

 20 Minutes a Day of Quiet Time

Life may be a game, but it is not sprint race. It is a marathon and you must remember two things on a daily basis.

You will eventually expire in the flesh (human form), but your being will be around forever.

This is why one must always remember their Creator or his own Divine nature and know that Divinity is there. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes to, “remember your Creator in the days of your youth…(12:1)”

This powerful presence is crucial to your mind and body, and to your daily activities. It shapes who you become and therefore it is vital to sit and commune with this Presence.

I personally call this presence God or the Eternal or simply the Creator. I make a practice of communing with God by prayer and meditation.

Twenty minutes is a good amount of time to begin with. Break it up in two ten minute sessions and allow the Creator to reset your mind and give you needed or added insight in your life and situations.

Relationship with the Creator should not be overlooked. If you need help in this field, feel free to contact us!

Another Thing To Remember is Financial Security Measures

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