Becoming a Conscious Being


The thing about becoming a conscious being is not exactly what it sounds to be. When you think about being concsious, it can sound spooky or be on that spookery, but really we’re simply talking about being aware of what is going on around you. Being aware of what you really have access to.

When we get caught up in the game of life, the matrix, whatever you want to call it, we lose some of this awareness. We start to look at things the way people present things and what they want us to look at. For example, in the Bible, pick up your King James Version and find the scripture where Eve ate an apple. Next go to the scripture where JESUS was born and read about the “three” wise men who brought gifts (use the KJV).

This is a small example of how the world, the Christian world, has made people to believe something about the Bible that never was part of the early Bible KJV. Those were just two little itty-bitty examples and there are many more. This consciousness goes in many industries, from health, personal development, myths about home business, taboo education about money and savings.

If you’re being lulled along because life is too busy to take a moment and see what the reality is and FIX it or make changes… you’ll be eaten up in your unconscious state. This is what this podcast is about. Unfortunately, to get the full podcast you have to join the newsletter but the first 3 minutes are very interesting also.

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Also, we changed our format of releasing information…we were sending out podcast Monday through Thursdays and sometimes Friday, but we’re going away from that and will continue to provide good quality conscious information, but we’re going to focus on our loyal subscribers first (Life’s a Game to Win Subscribers) because quite frankly, we’re looking to make a big movement in changing the way we do things in society!

Peace and blessings!


How Has Your Year Been Going? (2013)

How has your year been going? How has the year 2013 been going? If your response is okay, that could be based on how you currently feel. However, can you statistically tell how your year has been going? When you made resolutions early this year, are you still on pace to attaining those goals? If not, now is a great time to figure out why you haven’t, and to get back on the horse to get to your goals.

In today’s podcast, Tuesday’s Personal Development and motivational podcast, I’m talking about how you can regroup if you’ve fallen off and why it is so important to keep track on how you’re doing so you can stay on pace and get to your goals this year.

The first quarter of the year has nearly expired; you CANNOT get this part of the year back. If you’ve done well, great, keep improving. If you have not done as you wish, figure out why and begin to go back to those goals of yours.

Enjoy the podcast, share it with a friend or two, and leave your comments in the comment section. I’d love your feedback and I hope to have added to you today!

Duey DanielsDue Daniels