My Problems Are Relatively Small


My Problems Are Relatively Small

My Problems Are Relatively Small

The other day I watched a movie about some stuff that goes on in some nations in Africa. It was sad how some children are treated, and how brainwashed they are to many of their superiors.

It was not a pretty sight and left me feeling sad for their circumstances.

After the movie, an email came in from a lady who has a daughter and she was requesting if anyone could help take her daughter to practices and games over the next couple weeks because she is scheduled to have surgery on her brain.


I paused a moment and asked the Creator to shove my complaints and “so-called” problems in life off His desk. I realize and know the Creator has bigger things to tend to.

My problems are relatively small when put up against some things people are going through everyday. I lift these people up in prayer before the Creator. I also ask that I learn to be content and leave complaining alone.

What kind of problems have you faced that got smaller when you saw some of the problems of other people in the world?

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Get Your Life Together Gee


Get Your Life Together Gee

Get Your Life Together Gee

This phrase is usually said to someone who makes a big blunder or has a major set back in life, often caused by their own self.

Someone close to them (or not these days) will say, “brother (or sister), you’ve gotta get your life together!”

It is true! When things are in a chronic disarray, you have to get it together as oppose to a specific plan gone wrong where you only have to reset and adjust.

If you’re constantly having bad sh%t happen to you, you probably really need to get your life together. How do you do this?

How do you get your life together in 60 seconds?

The best way is to create your ideal future with a clear vision. I call it the Hollywood approach to my clients. In Hollywood, many producers and directors are given scripts and they normally toss the majority out. The good ones hit the big screen. So what we teach people to do is write out their own script.

Based on their own values we teach they should create a vision (motion picture) for themselves they way they would live an ideal life goings forward in the future. With no limitations or hindrances, imagine what your movie script lifestyle would be.

Put it together, you’re the writer author and creator of the movie and script. Now get your life together gee!

If you’d like help doing this contact me today!

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