Hanging Around Bad People


And we’re not saying 50Cent is bad!

Hanging Around Bad People and the Effects

When you’re hanging around bad people, you typically start to pick up the tendencies of the people are you are around most. You pick up their slang, laugh, humor, and everything else. The good the bad and the ugly, so you have to be conscious of the people you are surrounded with most. Most people don’t pay attention to this and get sucked into a negative environment.

Negative environments don’t pertain to just drug users, gangs, thugs, and vain persons. They also pertain to people who have a …negative outlook on life. People that are always discouraging, angry at the world, and can’t see the bright side of things may not be the best choice of best friends unless you are certain to keep bright to offset their dark.

Millionaires don’t hang out with broke degenerate people because it does not fit. Thugs don’t hang out with PHD scholars unless a study is being done.  Watch out for for the ten most populated numbers in your phone call history. Rate the incomes, the lifestyles, and see the mirror reflect of you. I’m out!

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