Welcome to the Company Who Almost


Welcome to the Company Who Almost

Welcome to the Company Who Almost

People can say stuff like, “he barely made it,” or “she just got in by the skin of her teeth,” however, they are forgetting a major part of their sentence. “Made it,” and “got in!”

There are a lot of people throughout history who have barely made it, who failed over and over and finally won or succeed.

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Steph Curry, Abraham Lincoln, President Barack Obama, and many more. If you’ve failed but are still looking at your goals and objectives, you are in great company.

In fact, I say welcome to the company of people who almost failed. You’re in, until you’re out. You do until you don’t, but there is a list of great men and women who were ALMOST failures and are known today as winners and champions.

You are more than a conqueror, so keep fighting!

No man or woman ever achieves anything worthwhile who didn’t find themselves at one time or another, hanging well over the brink of failure.

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The One Confession We Cannot Disown

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All Anyone Will Require From You


All Anyone Will Require From You

All Anyone Will Require From You

It’s not a Facebook account, it is not your allegiance, it is not your devoted effort to their life. Nope.

All anyone will require from you in business, career, or relationships is a sound mindset. If you’re troubled by too many things, you won’t be a good employee, business partner, or friend.

They’ll require a healthy body. If you can’t summon the energy to do the thing, you won’t do the thing or you’ll do it lacklusteredly. Visit my website on health for instant health tips.

The last requirement is to cultivate or develop a genuine desire to be of as much service as possible to as many people as possible! Serving others is the easiest way to “get paid,” accomplish goals, move ahead, and have a clear purpose.

This is all anyone will really require of you as it pertains to career, business, and social relationship life!

To get a sound mind, healthy body, and genuine desire to serve others, start by reading a lot more!

Would You Rather Be Google’s CEO or LeBron James?


What’s the Outcome?


The work week is beginning and I’m sure 90% of people did not take Sunday to begin planning this coming week. I’m sure most people have no deliberate or organized outcomes they EXPECT to see by weeks end!

I’m not coming down on you or trying to embarrass anyone… remember there are 9 other people who are with you saying…

“He know he right… I didn’t plan s&*t for this week, and I ain’t expecting jack outcome this week, except the same ole fish sticks!”

If that is what you want, which it is, then continue on, life is beautiful no matter how you paint it. But if you want to have a goal at the end and beginning of your week… it may be best to prearrange your week with things to accomplish and to hold expected outcomes.


Turning Your Life Around in 30 Days – Day 6 – Build Brain Cells


Today we’re going to take another step towards improving the outset of our lives by doing something most people believe can’t be done. Most people view this as unimaginable… it is simply build more brain cells by getting more ideas to help ignite movement towards our goals.


How do you build brain cells and develop the mind with the mindset to have success with your current goals? You have to read books. You have to get insight from people who are doing the things you want to do. So at some point you have to put down the Harry Potter books and pick up a book that will be more constructive in pushing you towards your goals.

Build Brain Cells

This would mean you get personal development books, books that teach you how to do your objective, how someone else accomplished your objectives, how to get the confidence to go after your objectives, and things along these lines. It is how you build your dream and vision, if you get yourself up and meet with these people via their books and courses and learn.

Here are some recommended books from the video:

Start with these and read each for a maximum of a month, but then reread them at least three times. Rereading these books at least three times do something to your mind… but you have to have the discipline to read them three times. So let’s say you read Think and Grow Rich the first week. The second week, you read You Were Born Rich, and then week three, you read the Book of Proverbs.

Week four, you pick up Think and Grow Rich again, and this time take good notes and blog about what you’re learning and share it. Week five, read You Were Born Rich, and do the same, blog and share… and week six, read Proverbs, blog and share what you’ve learned and how it has enhanced your life. This will build so many brain cells for you and do some magic in your life. Nevertheless, do this three times through before you read another book.

Congratulations when you do this because you will feel like you’ve stepped out of one dimension and into another. Subscribe to our newsletter for greater details on what we’re covering here!

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How to Develop or Rekindle Passions

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In the world today it can be difficult to keep your passions going every single day. On certain days you will wake up with less excitement to do your work than other days. In these times it is important to re-Kindle or restart your passions. Even if it’s for your job or career you have to light that fire every single day.

You have to learn to keep the fire going so that you can keep your passions going so that you can get to your goals. It is not always going to be easy, some days you will feel like you should quit or you will feel that you don’t need to be doing all of the work you are doing. I go through this myself every single day. However sometimes you just have to revisit why you are doing something.

This is why it is very important to have a big reason why you are trying to do something or trying to accomplish something. And when you do, you can rekindled those passions by digging deep into your wife.

Another thing that you can do is what I discussed in the video and that is to revisit old passions and have them spark excitement or meaning in your life. For instance, if you grew up like me, a big Michael Jordan watcher, then you would go and watch old Michael Jordan highlight tapes or your favorite games of MJ. This will get the juices flowing and it might just get you excited again.

When you get the excitement then you should transfer it to what your current goals are and continue on your pace to get to where you want to go.


Peace and blessings