Your Financial Wake up Call

Your Financial Wake up Call

What will be your wake up call….will you answer?


That ferris wheel of frustration that you just can’t seem to get out of.

Friday comes along, before you can even see the money, all your creditors already have their hand out ready to take their cut. Before you know it, it’s monday morning, and you’re waiting for your next check.  This was my life, and I hated it.

My husband and I sat down after a nice long argument relating to our finances and really took a look at our debts.  Before sitting down the line that we said the most often was  “there’s no reason we’re making so much money and be this stressed out about money”.

After listing all of our debts, we knew why.  We were spend far beyond our means.

Like many of us, we look at something that we wanted and said “we can afford the payments on that”.  It was that simple.

We had to change the way we were thinking about money.


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