Giving Useful Service is Fulfilling Purpose


Giving Useful Service is Fulfilling Purpose

Giving Useful Service is Fulfilling Purpose

Everyone born into this great world has been given the natural ability and genetic programming to become a great person with a great future.

The only problem with this is that the programming of their genetic potential and ability will never develop fully, much less grow and mature, unless they give their abilities and potential to others in the form of useful service.

Servitude is the key to blossoming. This is not serving as a waiter or waitress, but is serving others with your skill and ability to enhance someone else and society as a whole.

This is fulfilling purpose, your purpose.

What service are you offering the world or to someone?

The Brilliance of Age Over Youth



Uncle Drew Lives the Dream


Uncle Drew Lives the Dream

Gotta love ole Uncle Drew, Kyrie Irving is investing in his future by doing these short films about ole school hoops as he plays the character “Uncle Drew.” Uncle Drew lives the dream of all ball players, that is to be able to play like a kid does in our older age.

They are humorous and get him working on his acting skills, something he may undertake in the future after his playing career. He has invited fellow players like Ray Allen, and it was a matter of time before Baron Davis came out of the woodworks to play a role. It will hopefully bring elder greats out of the wordworks also to share their stories within uncle Drew’s. Enjoy!

Uncle-Drew Living the Dream

Any athletes out there wish they could still do it like Uncle Drew? Leave a comment below!

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