What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?


 What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?

 What Does “Financial Security” Mean to You?

We have lost sight of very simple things in life. Investing is one of them. I’ll tell you what happened…

A group of people, often very greedy, realized how simple and easy things are with money and they complex these things a bit to make others feel like it is too complicated.

I want you to become someone who learns the art of slow motion or breaking things down into smaller chunks. The reality is investing is very simple.

It is basically about you disciplining yourself to put your money to work for you over time. The longer you make your money work in an investment vehicle, the more time it has to mature and grow.

The key is to know what you are growing your investments for. Understand the purpose of your investment, choose the risk level you’re comfortable with and let the dog-gone dollar go to work. That sounds simple right?

Well leave it at that level and when advisors or financial gurus speed it up and complicate you, just tell them to slow it down for you or break it into a smaller chuck you can digest (understand). It is your money after all.

It is vital to have financial security, and to invest well, you must know yourself really well.

Of course if you need help with this, we aren’t financial advisors, but we can point you in the right direction, feel free to contact us!

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Not Making Your Money Automatic is a Mistake


Not Making Your Money Automatic is a Mistake

Most people are not use to putting things on automatic. The moment you earn money, you need to put that money automatically in different account categories. Bestselling author and financial advisor David Bach teaches the worst mistake people make financially.

Of course if you need more detail on this, feel free to contact us and leave a comment on what you think about the video!

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Not Making Your Money Automatic is a Mistake

Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page


Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

Husband Wife Not On Financial Same Page

“My spouse and I aren’t on the same page financially, what should I do?” This is a common problem and one that should be looked into as soon as possible and should have been checked at the door.

As in the picture (to left), couples are getting married and are coming in the gate with high amounts of financial problems, usually starting with ones or both of their debts to other people or organizations.

Because couples get hitched young (often), young folks have a tendency to be more into good smiles, body parts, and good looks; they tend to overlooking the weightier matters.

These weightier matters end up mattering very harshly, like you should have known their IQ scores ahead of time.

Scores such as:

  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  • Financial Intelligence Quotient
  • And Spiritual Intelligence Quotient

If you didn’t get these scores prior to marriage, you’re going to have to do a real subtle but not sneaky conversion process. It may have to be a real good humble push and tug to get your spouse to see what you’re now seeing. If you force it or do things overtly, you could end up in a different type of financial quandary called divorce.

Take your time, use wisdom, skill, tact, and grace to steer the direction of your spouse.

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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Getting a Financial Consultant | Day 14


Getting a Financial Consultant

Welcome to day 14 of the 30 days to turn your life around challenge with your host Mr. Due Daniels…

Today we want to set up a financial system to manage and invest and spend the money that we make and also bring in better ways to increase our incomings. This will be best done by obtaining a financial consultant/analyst/advisor.

We are not looking for just any ole average financial advisor that will tell you how to order your ducks and set up a budget. That is great but what we are truly looking for is for the financial analyst that can look at what you are doing currently and can help correct a lot of your ways and habits ( financial habits); and also one who can look at your desires and dreams and goals and make sure you are on the right path for obtaining those as well.

Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback.

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Get Your Financial Health Together: How to Turn Your Life Around in 30 Days


Get Your Financial Health Together

Today we are going to get a quick review of the previous ten days and then we’re going to move right into day 11.

Today we want to evaluate our self worth financially and also establish our financial goals. The way we’ve moved is knowing where we are… knowing what we want to do and then getting healthy enough to go after these goals for our spiritual and physical health and now a very important part of our health today is our financial help.

You need to be able to have the money to first live a comfortable life and then once you’re comfortable you can now imagine more money to do some of the things you actually desire. So for this date you want to see how much you are actually worth … what assets do you own and we definitely have to know the difference between an asset and a liability

You must know (for today) a rough number of where you want to be financially in a month … six months … year… five years and 10 years and then ultimately your entire life you want to understand those things so tomorrow after you found out where you are financially we’re going to learn and understand some simple sciences of money and in the following day will learn some of the more advanced sciences of money.

Homework assignment... find out how much you’re worth… to do this on a very general level you should find out what is your monthly cash flow…

After all bills and expenses are paid… how much do you have left to do whatever with…

Find out what assets you own… real estate (and not your home)… assets are things that bring in a monthly cashflow for you (whatever it is…how much gold is left after your expenses is an asset)! 

After you realize where you are financial… write out general goals to help you identify where you want to go and be financially in the increments mentioned earlier.

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