How to Overcome Obstacles


How to Overcome Obstacles!

How to Overcome Obstacles!

It is inevitable that obstacles will always come into play within your life. If you live a life without obstacles, you would be a completely lazy untested person.

Obstacles help you become battle tested. With no obstacles, you would have no motivation because there is nothing you would have to overcome.

So in life we all must learn how to overcome obstacles.

The way to do it is to first have a sound strategy. Sound strategies have an A, B, C route so that if route-A encounters a roadblock, you should be able to switch gears to route-B.

What happens to most people is that they come up with a strategy that only consist of route-A.

When a huge or small obstacle steps in front of route-A, this person is doomed to stop their trip because it appears to them there is no other way.

They are forced to look at the obstacle, which has a way of appearing very dauntingly and bigger than it really is, and in doing this people forget the overall vision and plan they originally had.

Therefore we must remember to look at our strategy more closely and have Plan-B’s and C’s in order to keep moving and overcome obstacles that will come in our path!

What are some worthwhile strategies you’ve used to overcome obstacles?!

What’s Your OST?

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The Power of Vision in Your Life


The Power of Vision in Your Life

The Power of Vision in Your Life

NEVER underestimate the POWER of having vision. Vision is the ability to see your purpose and your dreams and your desires and your tomorrow, today!

Most people in their life are unable to see beyond their current moment. And when they attempt to see beyond the moment they mistakenly look in the past at the current mishaps or past mishaps their life has presented.

This causes an uncontrollable vicious cycle of living in the past and recycling BAD experiences. It is frustrating and will lead to an unsatisfactory life. If you want to get around this conundrum, you must learn how to have vision and see it very clearly EACH day.

The moment you lose it, is the moment you perish.

Visions begin with the life you daydream about or things you see yourself doing but seem too hard or out there to actually go and do?


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