Throwing Stuff in Rages of Anger

Throwing Stuff in Rages of Anger

Scottie Pippen once went off into a horrible rage of anger after the referee, Joey Crawford, missed a call and then called Scottie for a call. Scottie upset must have uttered something despicable and caught a technical.

At this point, Scottie was still upset inside, but the storm was raging and only needed one word to send it flaming. He got it and he went on a tirade, as you can see in the video. If we do not control the pain-within and stay present, he or she (the ego and pain-within) can unleash itself at any moment.

This will be manifested through the physical body.

As it did with Scottie Pippen in this instance, pushing him into a rage that caught him throwing a chair onto the court in the direction of referee, Joey Crawford. The chair could have hit someone unintended, who also possibly holds pain-within.

Stop Throwing Stuff in Rages of Anger

This is why it is important, even vital, to release yourself from anger and all other egomania that control and lies dormant until triggered. Once triggered, if you are unable to get back present, in the moment; somebody is going to get hit on the head with a chair.

throwing stuff in rages of anger

Don’t get caught throwing stuff in rages of anger.



Starters and Finishers


Starters and Finishers

Starters and Finishers

Anyone can start something, but only the thoroughbred will finish. The Bible says, “many are called, but few are chosen.” Many athletes can start, but only the strong finish.

We used to say it didn’t matter who was announced as the starter for our bball team back in the day. We all knew it only mattered who was playing in the 4th quarter when everything counted.

Sometimes, people start projects, but because of fear, lack of focus, attention deficits, they never finish the project.

Some of you have books that have begun with, “Once upon a time,” and haven’t gone past that. The rest is stuck in your head. Some of you have got to the last words of your book, but for some reason, you just can’t finish.

Become a finisher.

Here’s a tip; wherever you are in a particular project, make a really small goal, step, and task to do something, really make it very small. Make it so small, it is too easy, you have to do it and feel good about it. And continue on until you are finished.

Do your projects and goals like the old Mortal Kombat game… and “FINISH THEM…”

If you want more details on this, watch more Bob Proctor or you can contact us!

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The Reason Why Most Things Aren’t Secure


The Reason Why Most Things Aren’t Secure

The Reason Why Most Things Aren’t Secure

Your life’s direction depends on a definite chief aim. When you come up with one, it will have great psychological and economical benefits in doing so.

However, even if you have selected a definite chief aim, you still must hold onto one dear fact.

This fact is that, no position in life can be rootedly secure, and no achievement can be made permanent without it being built on the foundations of truth and justice.

If your position and achievements were not built on truth, guess what, the truth will eventually show up and demand his seat. If it was not built in justice towards all, your position and achievements will do like humpty dumpty and the walls of Jericho; they will come tumbling down.

Strong foundations last and nothing is stronger than truth and justice.

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

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Responsibility and Fault


Responsibility and Fault

Responsibility and Fault

Popular song or rap song came out back in the 90s, where an artist named Mystikal coined a song titled, “It Ain’t My Fault.”

We’re not going to go into the song details, but what the hook screamed is what lots of people think every day.

When something happens, people are quick to say and think it is not their fault. It ain’t my fault leads to a light level of  “it ain’t my problem,” which leads to “it ain’t my responsibility.”

In your relationships, on your jobs, in your business, and everywhere else in between, if you can get to a point of taking the responsibility, you are going to lesson the problem.

If you lessen the problem, you’ll actually offset the finger point of whose fault it really is. Even if a situation is not your fault, it may still be your responsibility.

Obviously, there is always someone or something to blame in situations, but if you practice taking responsibility, the fault won’t matter.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur or person who takes responsibility, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

Watch What Your Doing, Your Children Are Watching You!

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