The Power of Fear Over Your Life


The Power of Fear Over Your Life

The Power of Fear Over Your Life
They Grow Bigger Than Kids

TuPac said in a scene in a movie, “if you are scared, then say you are scared!” We won’t go into the details of the scene, but acknowledgement of fear is rarely done because it happens so suddenly.

It can happen like a bolt or jolt of lightening and Bob Proctor called it the terror barrier. When we get to doing something new, this sensation of fear takes over so swiftly and sometimes indiscreetly that we simply don’t know it.

We (our brain and body) begin to make clever excuses of what is going on and why we are no longer taking action.

Example: I wrote a book back in 2012, a friend wanted to proof it, and before they got to page 20, they told me they had to stop because my english was just too TERRIBLE!

I was moved to paralyzed state on the project because I’d put my energy in it and those words coming from a friend was a great energy zapper.

This was even after having it edited professionally. I know my english is not the best, but I thought, I’m focused on the content. Nevertheless, the friends words prevailed and all I could think about is everyone stopping at page 10 or 20 saying the same thing.

The fear held me back and needless to say, the book was never published. That is the power of fear over your life. Fear can and will make you think you’re not good enough. It’ll make you think you have nothing to say and no questions to ask.

Fear makes us LOSE our temper and get violently angry at our brothers and sisters. Fear makes us stop other people from doing a good deed in the world.

Fear doesn’t like people who don’t look or act like us, makes us fit in and go with the status quo, and it does all of this under the guise of making us think we’re making an educated logical decision.

If you’re ever doubting something, especially something you were once so sure of, look for fear, he is sure to be close by.

Of course if you need help with fear and how to overcome it in situations in your life, feel free to contact us!

Digging Towards Your Goals Eliminates Fear (Listen)

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Scared to Lead


The internet is an information highway … yes … sometimes “TMI” too-much-info.

…so when I asked someone if they juice and they respond “what’s that” … I kinda know they don’t spend too much time online or anywhere.

With all of the different kinds of information readily available to anyone who goes onto Google and search for it, I wonder why we still have the disparity in statistics as we did 20 years ago?

It’s simple!

It’s because people may learn and know more, but we have not graduated to the point we do more. We are scared to lead.

Scared to LeadMomma going to think I don’t like her food … pops going to say I’m crazy for not working a traditional job … friends going to stop chilling with me …

So we kinda conform, but the thing about conforming is that you will actually fall DEEPER into redundancy than you were before you were enlightened.

As Jesus said, “…the last state of that man is worse than the first.”

Do not be scared to lead … it is good for you … it is good for all around you … even if it feels bad in the beginning!