Turning Your Life Around in 30 Days – Day 6 – Build Brain Cells


Today we’re going to take another step towards improving the outset of our lives by doing something most people believe can’t be done. Most people view this as unimaginable… it is simply build more brain cells by getting more ideas to help ignite movement towards our goals.


How do you build brain cells and develop the mind with the mindset to have success with your current goals? You have to read books. You have to get insight from people who are doing the things you want to do. So at some point you have to put down the Harry Potter books and pick up a book that will be more constructive in pushing you towards your goals.

Build Brain Cells

This would mean you get personal development books, books that teach you how to do your objective, how someone else accomplished your objectives, how to get the confidence to go after your objectives, and things along these lines. It is how you build your dream and vision, if you get yourself up and meet with these people via their books and courses and learn.

Here are some recommended books from the video:

Start with these and read each for a maximum of a month, but then reread them at least three times. Rereading these books at least three times do something to your mind… but you have to have the discipline to read them three times. So let’s say you read Think and Grow Rich the first week. The second week, you read You Were Born Rich, and then week three, you read the Book of Proverbs.

Week four, you pick up Think and Grow Rich again, and this time take good notes and blog about what you’re learning and share it. Week five, read You Were Born Rich, and do the same, blog and share… and week six, read Proverbs, blog and share what you’ve learned and how it has enhanced your life. This will build so many brain cells for you and do some magic in your life. Nevertheless, do this three times through before you read another book.

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Take a Freaking Break When You’re Confused


One of the more difficult things to do in our lives is to admit when we are wrong. There is a wide case of incidents where people keep going down the wrong path because they won’t admit to a fault. You have to admit when you’re confused and if you are confused you should take a break and pull away from the event or objective and refocus.

What to Do When Confused?


In today’s podcast Daniels talks about how and why we need to take a break from the action when we are at a point of confusion. People like to continue and force the issue instead of regrouping and coming back stronger and better. Confusion only slows you down and could destroy you.

When you are not confused, you can move faster, think better, and get to your objectives quicker. Taking action becomes very simple when you who do not have confusion in your brain that causes hesitancy. It is similar to taking a trip and “kind of” knowing where you are going and knowing where you are going.

“Kind of” knowing where you are going will leave you driving slower and you’re going to stop more often for help assistance and things of that nature. Knowing where you’re going you can go straight shot and get their only needing to stop for breathers and gasoline. So enjoy today’s podcast leave your comments and any other things you like to leave and do not forget to join our newsletter for our life is a game to win information thank you in advance God bless!


Living in a Complicated Relationship


Living in a Complicated RelationshipIf you’re one of those people who has the FaceBook relationship status symbol that says “it’s complicated,” or you’ve ever uttered those words when your best friend asked you about your relationship, then there are certainly some things to do before you move forward. Things in life really don’t have to be that complicated.

Living in a complicated relationship will make life confusing, frustrating, and stressful. It matters not if the relationship is with a parent, child, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, customer, or pet. If it is complicated, it is definitely unstable, and no one needs to be in an unstable relationship.

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Most of the time when relationships are “complicated” it is because someone or both parties are not being clear. Lack of clarity is when people do not engage in clear communication. An example would be two college students watching a movie, then the guy walks the girl home, gives her a hug and kiss on the cheek and tells her to have a wonderful night.

She is full of stars and emotion, only to be dropped to the ground when she sees that he is walking with another girl the next day. “Hey I thought we were dating?!” I “thought” instead of “Hey we are dating,” are totally different.

Living in a Complicated Relationship

Most things in life are simple. Even if you desire to rule the world, it begins with the goal of ruling the world. There will be little tasks and steps along the way, but as long as you’ve identified the objective, it gets easier from there. As you are living in a complicated relationship, you should define or identify what is causing the relationship to be a complicated one.

For instance, let’s say you’re dating a guy, ladies, and it is complicated because he has three other children with three other baby-mothers. Keeping up with the kids, their mothers, him, and his schedule is burning you out and is becoming frustrating for you to get consistency and commitment from him. The relationship complication has been identified. You cannot get as close to him as you want because he is demanded by three kids, three baby-mothers, and all of their schedules.

Lack of clarity towards you by him will only add to the fire. This is when you need to get clarity to your complicated relationship. Communication is key. Start with a simple conversation pointing out your points of frustration or unease and encourage truthful dialogue also. Much of the reason people can’t dialogue, truthfully, is because some people can’t handle too much truth in one setting!

Living in a Complicated Relationship Can Be Crazy

Depending on the person, they may have anger issues, either at the surface (meaning they get angry quick) or it is beneath the surface (they get angry and don’t show it in public). If you’ve tried to solve the complication and it results in argument or angry shouting bouts, then change your approach before you attempt to have them change theirs.

There is only complication because two parties cannot communicate clearly. Get rid of distractions, and promise to listen and hear each other. Get to the roots of the problem and give solutions that you can both agree on and keep. If you’re relationship is complicated because you’re waiting for the lady to finalize her divorce or for the guy to finalize his divorce, these are different types of complications.

One, we have to exercise more patience and wait for a divorce to be final before we move in. I mean think about how you’d feel if someone else was waiting at the door for you to move your things out or was already in while the divorce proceeding are going on.

The Only Fun with Living in a Complicated Relationship

If you wait until things are finalized, the complication is practically all gone. Second, getting with a divorced person is a challenge because they are human and will bring bags with them. Sometimes these bags are BIG and can get loud. Know what you’re getting into and the complication is also nonexistent as well.

Living in a complicated relationship cannot be fun unless you are a thrill-seeker in relationships. If that is the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article for assistance. Just know that complicated relationships can be made simple. You just need to find out what is complicating, make it simple by identifying the problem and giving and implementing a rational solution.

Due Daniels
Author – Life’s a Game to Win