The One Confession We Cannot Disown


The One Confession We Can Disown

The One Confession We Can Disown

The things we say, write, do, indulge in, all the way back to the fabrics of our thoughts serves as an inescapable evidence of the very nature and spiritual essence of who we are.

These things are rooted deeply and imbedded in our hearts and makes us who we are. We cannot escape it but to consciously make a change.

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Facebook is Lying to Us and You

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Take a Freaking Break When You’re Confused


One of the more difficult things to do in our lives is to admit when we are wrong. There is a wide case of incidents where people keep going down the wrong path because they won’t admit to a fault. You have to admit when you’re confused and if you are confused you should take a break and pull away from the event or objective and refocus.

What to Do When Confused?


In today’s podcast Daniels talks about how and why we need to take a break from the action when we are at a point of confusion. People like to continue and force the issue instead of regrouping and coming back stronger and better. Confusion only slows you down and could destroy you.

When you are not confused, you can move faster, think better, and get to your objectives quicker. Taking action becomes very simple when you who do not have confusion in your brain that causes hesitancy. It is similar to taking a trip and “kind of” knowing where you are going and knowing where you are going.

“Kind of” knowing where you are going will leave you driving slower and you’re going to stop more often for help assistance and things of that nature. Knowing where you’re going you can go straight shot and get their only needing to stop for breathers and gasoline. So enjoy today’s podcast leave your comments and any other things you like to leave and do not forget to join our newsletter for our life is a game to win information thank you in advance God bless!