Show Me What You Can Do!


Show Me What You Can Do!

Show Me What You Can Do!

The thing is you will attract to you people who harmonize with your own philosophy of life, and you’ll do this whether you want to or not.

This is why it is vital to focus and inundate your mind with what your primary goal is in life or on a given project. This way, you attract people who are in harmony with your goal that will help, NOT, hinder you.

And this leads to the ever important part of life people often forget to do; that is “to do.” Too often, people get into telling the world what they believe they can do, and probably what they very well can do.

They tell so much, they forget to show.

Michael Jordan heard the chatter, “no scoring champion will ever be a league champion.” MJ thought it possible, but thinking something possible is only the beginning of the trip.

It is the actions of doing and proving it that will last forever.

“The Arnold,” was told “no bodybuilder turn movie star who posed in his undies will get into a meaningful political office.” Schwarzenegger thought differently and validated his thoughts by showing people rather than telling.

As Napoleon Hill said, “do not tell the world what you can do, show it!

What is it you will show the world? Leave a comment below for accountability sake, not to tell us you can do it, we already believe you can!

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Help Some Less Fortunate Person


Help Some Less Fortunate Person

Help Some Less Fortunate Person

Life has a pretty good memory. In most to all spiritual teachings, especially that of Christianity, we get back what we give out.

Napoleon Hill wrote

If you are successful remember that somewhere, sometime, someone gave you a lift or an idea that started you in the right direction. Remember, also, that you are indebted to Life until you help some less fortunate person, just as you were helped.

The idea here is to give back. The world grows when we help each other as we’ve been helped. Even if no one helped you, you will have only amassed success by serving others who purchase what you served them with.

They helped you and you are indebted. This humble attitude and mentality will serve you greatly in all things! Help some less fortunate person and be a blessings to them.

What do you think about shows that talk about … shows?

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