The Easy Part


A study asked a million people what they all wanted in life. Everyone wanted money, freedom, prestige, health, power, and praise.*

I’m willing to bet, and I’m not a betting man, that you want at least two or three things on that list. So it is needless to say we all know what we want. What sets the winners from losers in life is the winners set the intention of going after those six things or their own personal goals, daily.

What are you willing to sweat for, bleed for, commit for, be a bit unreasonable for?

That’s the hard part … the easy part is wanting what everyone else wants, the easy part is dreaming about what everyone else is dreaming about all day and night.

The easy part is not putting together a plan and taking actions to go get what everyone else wants.







*Wasn’t a real study

Why are Business Opportunities Hated by Most People

On our money Mondays’ Due Daniels talk about making money with business opportunities and why so many people hate them. Why people hate MLMs, network marketing opportunities, home biz, and work from home business opportunities.

There are plenty of reasons, one starts with the company founders. Another is with the company policies. Another deals with the people within the company and the person or persons who invited you. Lastly, the way the opportunity is drawn up. The different aspects make people dislike the industry depending if the people are rotten who run them.

It is important not to put everyone and every thing into the same fryer when you are giving your opinion or backdrop on a biz opp. Due Daniels talks about that today on Money Making Mondays.

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