Easy on the Greasy Chips: Weight Loss Tip


Stop eating greasy chips, go baked chips or better; get veggies or fruits and avoid fatty greasy chips… Only if you’re trying to lose weight; here is a weight loss tip you can bank on. This…

Eating greasy potato chips does satisfy a craving, bring pleasure to the taste-buds, and gives immediate gratification to a pychological urge. But what does it really do for you in losing weight, or keeping that fine body you want to see when you look in the mirror?


That’s right, so put it away. Search around for a better alternative or a completely different healthy snack that can do the trick for you just like the greasy chips use to. Something like cashews and berries, grapes, slices of apples; you’ll snack on those just the same, but get way better results!

So weight loss tip today, easy on the greasy chips, like Martin told Nipsy to be easy on the meaty, gravy.

Watch the video and think about it!

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Subconscious Poor Health Habits


Today’s podcast features author and natural health advocate Damien McSwine, on the Healthy Wednesday podcast with Due Daniels. Damien joins us all the way from Costa Rica, as he is doing research there on the blue-zone and also for general and natural health purposes.

I’m sure this podcast will edify you and if you are new to natural health, it will open your eyes to world of health. Today’s show is a bit longer than normal as we get into conversations about weight loss, losing weight (the right way), living healthful lives, and how subconsciously we develop poor health habits.

Press Play and Enjoy the Podcast

(audio is not as clear as normal because it is a phone convo – thanks for your understanding)

Damien M

Damien McSwine is a Professional Basketball Athlete having played professionally in over 20 countries, and he has been an avid health researcher, having traveled all around the world picking up the best practices of natural health from people who have longevity and who share their secrets with Damien.

Damien has authored two books, The Ancient 20, and The Top 50 Reasons People Fail to Lose Weight and Live Healthful Lives! To get more information on Damien McSwine, you can visit his website at Private Eye Health or his YouTube Channel!

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