The Best General of All Time


Sun Tzu, Joshua, Joab, Abner, Napolean Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, Hannibal Barka, Colin Powell, etc… the list can go on of who was or is the best general of all time.

I actually know nothing about war and war generals… I am only talking about this because of a story that I recently read.

The Best General of All Time
Hannibal Barka

Mark Twain got to the “pearly gates” and saw Peter there and went and asked Peter, “I’ve been dying to know who the best general of all time was?”

That’s Easy…

Peter replies that is easy, and pointed a chap standing by the way. Twain responds, that can’t be, I know that guy, he was a common laborer in my generation.

Peter replies, “yes, had he pursued being a general, he would have been the best of all time.”

Cute story … often times we are pursuing careers or things that we are at best moderately average in.

When we actually pursue careers that accentuates our strengths, we accelerate and dominate those things. We have more success and enjoy things better.

You could be the best general of all time, the best engineer, the best marketer, the best teacher, etc. However, you are fiddling around trying to make the best of an average situation!



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