This Post is Gluten Free


This Post is Gluten Free

This Post is Gluten Free

There’s this thing called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or affect where you see something you want and shortly after you then begin to see it everywhere.

This is what is going on with me right now with gluten free. Everywhere I go, they are putting gluten free on the package of everything.

I believe I saw gluten free on a laptop I was looking at the other. Popcorn, naturally gluten free, now has it on the package. Gluten free ebooks, gluten free water, gluten free lotion, gluten free shoes, and even gluten free sweaters.

I wonder if it is that important to be gluten free, or if marketers are trying to make people comfortable and subconsciously get them to purchase with a Jedi mind trick. It doesn’t make sense to tell me certain things are gluten free.

I wasn’t sure if it was just the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or not, have you noticed that? Anyway, just so you also feel comfortable, this blogpost is gluten free.

What kind of problems have you faced that got smaller when you saw some of the problems of other people in the world?

Activating Your Power Through Authority

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Happy July 4th and Quick SEO Lesson

SEO Lessons quick and easy
SEO Lessons

Hey if you are a business owner or just a plain-Jane-ole blogger and you want to get the drop on SEO; GLUE your eyes to this short blog post for the next 5 minutes. Happy July 4th by the way to my American USA readers.

I want to share a quick SEO lesson, and I usually hate doing these because Uncle Google (yes we have Uncle Sam, and now Uncle Google) likes to change things so quick on your ass by the time I hit “publish” we got something new on our hands.

At any rate, I won’t let that deter me because the greatest SEO lesson anyone can get is the one that teaches you to be sure your articles or website or web page is relevant to what the reader was looking for or wants. If not, Google will remove you so fast, you’ll start calling Google – Usain Bolt – you’ll be saying “I’m going to Usain-Bolt it” instead of saying “I’m going to Google it.”

Google tracks things better than the FBI and NSA put together, so they know who has been naughty or nice when it comes to relevance. The other basic you need are backlinks. This is simply to show you are well liked online.

Quick SEO Lesson

When people link back to your website, they are telling the search engines something. For instance, if you have a website or you like this article and you retweet it or post it to your FaceBook group, or simply put a link on your website or webpage, I will get a backlink for it (go ahead and do it, I appreciate it).

This is all you pretty much need to know when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are so many places to go online to learn extensive or quick SEO lessons from; but this simple post will help you get your shoes on. Of course there are tools, tricks, methods, and deeper processes that will help you get better or move faster; but with much studying the mind gets paralyzed and confused. Stay basic.

Okay, you can get back to your hot-links, burgers, BBQ chicken and ribs and of course the firecrackers, but use these quick SEO lesson tips to help you be better found by your target audience.


Due Daniels

ps: for more tips and SEO lessons I suggest you check out  Search Engine Optimization and Your Website. It’s a great article to teach you some details about SEO. You will learn a whole lot in a short amount of time and not be overwhelmed either…