Serena and Venus Williams Not Really That Good


I recently read a book title Bounce by an author Matthew Syed. This book answers questions with research why have all the sprinters who have run the 100 meters in under ten seconds been black? What one thing Mozart, Venus and Serena Williams, and Michelangelo have in common, and much more.

Serena and Venus Williams Not Really That Good

This book looks at human behavior by former Olympian Matthew Syed, as he explores the truth about our competitive nature– why we win, why we don’t, and how we really play the game of life. Due Daniels gives us a unique review of this pretty cool book, with key nuggets we need to run away with.

This book helps explains why we say Serena and Venus Williams Not Really That Good, because they have Bounce. This is what makes them AMAZING.

Purchase Bounce from Amazon or you can find it at your local library!

Personal Book Notes:

The hidden knowledge and logic of success is putting in the specialize practice into a particular career activity or skill set. Miraculous children are not that miraculous once you calculate the hours they have logged into their activity and the specialize coaching they receive(d).

Serena and Venus Williams Are Not That Good

It is only possible to clock up meaningful practice if an individual has made an independent decision to devote him or herself to whatever field of expertise they choose. Page 63


Internal motivation is needed!


People that use their brain to calculate difficult math problems are prodigies that are made, not born.


The path to excellence shows that the more difficult something is the more concentration you have to give it thus the ability to retain it better. This is why learning to drive does not make you an expert regardless of how many hours you spent driving. Because typically people learn to drive and then do autopilot driving from there on. While a racecar drivers and truck drivers may try to improve their techniques of driving.


Purposeful practice is required. Practicing on things we are not proficient and will bring a blog improvement. training smarter than others will give you the ads also.


Progress is built on the necessity of failure.


Feedback loops – if you don’t know what you are doing wrong you will not know what you’re doing right or how to improve. Feedback is essential, this is why  expert coaching is vital in the purposeful practice one puts into an activity.


Everyone can change and grow through application and experience.

Carol Dweck study on intelligence and hard worker focused on the power of words.


Telling your kids they are smart rather than hardworking is harmful rather than good.


They may arise thinking they can cruise their way to success, but they quickly learned that nobody has gotten anywhere in life without working hard, by showing tremendous discipline, and by taking responsibility for their actions.


We must be careful of The placebo effect. The Jonathan Edwards story.

Is there mind over matter of fact and how people perform?


Scientists believe that belief in God is good for health as long as the belief is sincere.


The ability to instill belief in others is a vital facet of leadership.

Focusing the entire mind on the possibility of success than the possibility of failure.



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