Relevance in Things


If you are trying to solve a great problem in your financial life, and as you are in deep thought, a buddy calls you and says, “I’m thinking of making Kale salad tonight, but I may just do a veggie bowl,” your reply may simple be… cool, enjoy!


If you are hungry and were thinking of what you want to eat tonight, your reply would be more along the lines of, “yeah that kale salad sounds really good right about now. I’ll meet you at the Vegan Shop to get the supplies!”

What was the difference?

Relevance. There needs to be relevance in things, and we can’t get mad at people when things in their lives aren’t relevant to us at a given moment.

Like I was reading a news article the other day about how a ‘superplume’ is going to divide or split the continent of Africa into two!

Relevance in Things

I remember quickly clicking onto the article to learn more about this… I was like OH MY GOSH… this is a big deal!

The article proceeded to tell me, in another 50 Million years, this divide will take place and Africa and the world will have another ocean.

50 Million Years!!!

Relevance in ThingsThe article headline was relevant to me because I have African family… the article wasn’t relevant to anybody breathing today because the strongest people live to about 120 years of age… just short of 50 Million YEARS…

This article was better shared with the generation of people living 49 million years from now…

Remember the relevance in things as you go through your life, your day!


article from weather dot com



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