How Has Your Year Been Going? (2013)

How has your year been going? How has the year 2013 been going? If your response is okay, that could be based on how you currently feel. However, can you statistically tell how your year has been going? When you made resolutions early this year, are you still on pace to attaining those goals? If not, now is a great time to figure out why you haven’t, and to get back on the horse to get to your goals.

In today’s podcast, Tuesday’s Personal Development and motivational podcast, I’m talking about how you can regroup if you’ve fallen off and why it is so important to keep track on how you’re doing so you can stay on pace and get to your goals this year.

The first quarter of the year has nearly expired; you CANNOT get this part of the year back. If you’ve done well, great, keep improving. If you have not done as you wish, figure out why and begin to go back to those goals of yours.

Enjoy the podcast, share it with a friend or two, and leave your comments in the comment section. I’d love your feedback and I hope to have added to you today!

Duey DanielsDue Daniels


How to Develop or Rekindle Passions

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In the world today it can be difficult to keep your passions going every single day. On certain days you will wake up with less excitement to do your work than other days. In these times it is important to re-Kindle or restart your passions. Even if it’s for your job or career you have to light that fire every single day.

You have to learn to keep the fire going so that you can keep your passions going so that you can get to your goals. It is not always going to be easy, some days you will feel like you should quit or you will feel that you don’t need to be doing all of the work you are doing. I go through this myself every single day. However sometimes you just have to revisit why you are doing something.

This is why it is very important to have a big reason why you are trying to do something or trying to accomplish something. And when you do, you can rekindled those passions by digging deep into your wife.

Another thing that you can do is what I discussed in the video and that is to revisit old passions and have them spark excitement or meaning in your life. For instance, if you grew up like me, a big Michael Jordan watcher, then you would go and watch old Michael Jordan highlight tapes or your favorite games of MJ. This will get the juices flowing and it might just get you excited again.

When you get the excitement then you should transfer it to what your current goals are and continue on your pace to get to where you want to go.


Peace and blessings