Only 20 Percent


You probably won’t believe it, but only 20 percent (20%) of your efforts are generating eighty percent (80%) of your results. There are a bunch of books that go into detail about this stuff, but the idea is there is an 80/20 rule in nearly everything in life.

You probably only use 20% of your home … wear 20% of your clothes regularly … 20% of your clients actually produce 80% of your revenue … and so on and so on.

Why does this matter or what does any of this mean?

Well, if you get ahold of the 20% that bring in the results in life, you can intensify it, and push off the remaining 80% not doing much, and becomeĀ a more productive person.

I’ve been using this in great ways.

I’m reading more books and reading them even faster. Why? Because I know that 80% of most books are fluff that goes around the meat of the book (the 20%). So I learned how to read the 20%!

I’m getting more customers and helping these customers better because I know if they are 20 or 80…

You can use these in all kinds of ways and I invite you to ASAP!



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