Millions of Dollars Disappear


How does millions of dollars disappear? Bank robber, magician, plan incompetence of someone, illegal bank transaction; there are a host of ways a million dollars or millions of dollars can vanish and disappear out of sight.

Millions of Dollars Disappear
Millions of Dollars Disappear

Easier than some of the suggested methods above is one that happens to everyday people all the time without them noticing or even caring.


It is not acting upon an idea with the use of their imagination!

I’m prone to believe that we have all been given, by someone or by the Creator, an idea that would put us in the room with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or some of the elite of the world, if we just did something with the idea. If we just wrote it down so we can remember it.

When a great idea hits the typical person, they may tell someone, but after the first response from a “loved one” or someone they respect that is negative, they toss the idea. They never let the imagination take root!

Millions of dollars disappear

We like to think in terms of money, but another result in not acting on the idea is the loss of time, how the idea would have help so many others, and the opportunities one loses when they don’t act!

Got a story of the millions of dollars you’ve let disappear? Share it in the comments!



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