Why are Business Opportunities Hated by Most People

On our money Mondays’ Due Daniels talk about making money with business opportunities and why so many people hate them. Why people hate MLMs, network marketing opportunities, home biz, and work from home business opportunities.

There are plenty of reasons, one starts with the company founders. Another is with the company policies. Another deals with the people within the company and the person or persons who invited you. Lastly, the way the opportunity is drawn up. The different aspects make people dislike the industry depending if the people are rotten who run them.

It is important not to put everyone and every thing into the same fryer when you are giving your opinion or backdrop on a biz opp. Due Daniels talks about that today on Money Making Mondays.

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Knowing What You Want In Life


It is not always easy to know what you want to do. Sometimes you have to put careful thought into thinking about it before it will come to you. Nevertheless, it is vital to do and know to have optimal success in life. Many people wander from thing to thing all because they simply do not know what it is they are supposed to be doing with their life. Others stay dormant in a regular comfortable, but uncomfortable station in life.

Knowing what you want in life takes deliberate thought. It takes thinking; and the thinking is to come to grips with what you do best, and what you enjoy most. I know there are many things we enjoy doing, but which gives you the most satisfaction and joy? If it can be monetized, which nearly everything can be monetized today, then you should go the heck for it.

The best methods to bringing this to past is to find jobs that do what you absolute enjoy doing and going to work for them. You’ll like what you’re doing and you can begin to learn the ropes so that you can make a bit of a resume for yourself and learn the operations to set in motion doing it for yourself one day.

If it does not pay well, the thing that you love, you have to find a way to make it pay well. If it absolutely won’t pay well, then you have to fall back on the thing you can do easiest (that pays). The reason you want to focus on what comes easier for you is not to be lazy; so do not get me wrong here. It is to be able to work at it even harder.

Michael Jordan worked extremely hard in both basketball and baseball, but which did he excel at more? Basketball because his God-given talents in that sport came easier to him than the forced talent of baseball.

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