Komodo Dragon vs Mankind

It’s unfortunate, but the human race has turned into the devious beast known as the komodo dragon. The komodo dragon has a deadly venom, and once bitten by a komodo dragon, the victim is injected with some serious bacteria.

Their blood is unable to clot and this leaves them defenseless, and helpless. As they die, the komodo is watching the entire thing, eventually calling in his pals to watch and wait for supper.

It is sad, but it is life in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, it is becoming life in the human family so often. Many predators watch injured or wounded people, people who are emotionally wounded, physically injured, and they watch for the right moment to … take advantage.

Komodo Dragon vs MankindDon’t be like, and be your brother or sister’s keeper and keep them from people who act like such!



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