Responsibility and Fault


Responsibility and Fault

Responsibility and Fault

Popular song or rap song came out back in the 90s, where an artist named Mystikal coined a song titled, “It Ain’t My Fault.”

We’re not going to go into the song details, but what the hook screamed is what lots of people think every day.

When something happens, people are quick to say and think it is not their fault. It ain’t my fault leads to a light level of  “it ain’t my problem,” which leads to “it ain’t my responsibility.”

In your relationships, on your jobs, in your business, and everywhere else in between, if you can get to a point of taking the responsibility, you are going to lesson the problem.

If you lessen the problem, you’ll actually offset the finger point of whose fault it really is. Even if a situation is not your fault, it may still be your responsibility.

Obviously, there is always someone or something to blame in situations, but if you practice taking responsibility, the fault won’t matter.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur or person who takes responsibility, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

Watch What Your Doing, Your Children Are Watching You!

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I’m Not Sure What I Want


I’m Not Sure What I Want

I'm Not Sure What I Want

I was talking a friend last weekend and he spoke about wanting to make more money and possibly get off his bus driving job.

I sensed he was serious but not at the point where he’s going to take serious action every day, so I thought I’d use a couple of questions to help him get more serious about his inquiry.

So I asked him, how much money friend would you deem good for you to discontinue your job and be content with your new income that fulfills your needs and desires?

His response was, “I’m not sure, that’s a good question. I’m not sure what I want.”

He said this then proceeded to say $10,000 per month would be ideal. The underlying problem with my friend and with many others (maybe even you reading right now), is that we must be sure and clear about what we want.

If you’re not sure, this means you haven’t thought about the question or thought deep down enough about it. Find out what you want and become sure about it!

This can be done by simply writing it out and reading it every morning and evening. This will help you refine it and keep it on your mind!

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

Get Clarity

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Knowing Your Field and Affiliate Marketing Strategies


This week’s Money Monday podcast is on knowing the field you’re going into and why and also why and how making money with an affiliate marketing program is very good and helpful to your bottom line. You should be in a field that you want because you enjoy the line of work or because you are happy with the income the job pays.

If a certain level of lifestyle is your goal, then you should go after jobs, careers, vehicles, and businesses that will allow for that income level and lifestyle. You shouldn’t be a nurse if you’re trying to make tons of money; you should be nurse if you enjoy helping people in their sicker and weaker moments, and you enjoy being in a hospital setting.

If making money is the main goal to support a level of lifestyle, get around people who have that level of lifestyle or who work in the industry you enjoy that will match that level of income. This is what this week’s money Monday podcast is about, knowing your field, and how bringing in additional money can be possible by using affiliate marketing strategies.

Enjoy, share with others, and leave comments… peace and blessings!

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How to Stop your Kids from Going Bad


Listen to Podcast by clicking the play button and you can read the article below.

How to Stop Your Kids from Going Bad
We’re not saying the kid in the picture is bad…he may have just had a rough moment!

Many parents have the problem of not being able to control their kids at a certain point or age. Your Kids begin to look like the kids in the movies, you know the bad ones going nowhere with no direction.

Once they begin to go bad, you could become harsh and critical of them, you could be nice and buy them stuff, you could do everything within your power, but for some reason you no longer can reach them anymore. How do you stop this or how do you correct this so that you can be able to reach your children or child and stop them from themselves.


How to Stop your Kids from Going Bad

The first thing you can do is to listen to your child or your children more. Take the time to sit down and listen to them even when they are talking to other people. Listen to them, the way they talk, watch their body movement, watch the gestures that they make, listen to everything because they are saying much to you. And once they see that you are listening to them, then they know that they have a voice and that will really connect you to them much better

The second thing you can do is to spend some more time with your child or children. One of the best ways to spend time with your children of course is to not work a job and be able to be home with them, even home school them. However this is not a ready convenience for everyone so the next best thing is to make conscious efforts after work or school to sit down and have conversations with your children or child.

Plan things with them, have them help you cook dinner in a fun way, have them help you set the table clean the floor teaching teamwork, all this is letting them get closer to you and feel like an contributor to the family. Also before everyone or before they go to bed,talk with them, have another meeting with your kids to see how their day went from top to bottom and see what they want to do tomorrow.


Some Ideas of How to Stop your Kids from Going Bad

Another thing you can do is give them decision-making abilities. Here you allow them to make decisions. Give them options of what they can do, and allow them to make a decision. You can critique the decision-making and tell them where you would go or do, of course remind him or her that you have twenty years experience on them, but allowed them to start making decisions.

Last but not least, keep them away from bad people and bad kids. Most parents are not hands on in their children’s lives. Many good kids are getting eaten up by bad kids in the schools and communities. Bad kids, who come from bad parenting are destroying many of the youth in schools today. Your children go out and commune with these children and thus they bring that stuff back into your house.


You Now Know How to Stop your Kids from Going Bad


Monitor this watch it closely so that it does not corrode your entire house. You can do this by asking them where did they get something they said or learned from or what do they mean by ‘this’ and then making sure they understand your perspective on that topic. Of course you have to lay down the rules and be firm but also be understanding and rational and approachable.


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Author –  Life’s a Game to Win



Brain Automation: Automate my Brain Please

Brain Automation: Automate my Brain Please

Brain Automation Hacks
Automation of the Brain

Have you ever done something once or twice and seem to be able to do it in the future without even thinking? Such as drive a certain route, or making a particular meal, these are things we come to know so well we literally can daydream the whole process and still complete it well enough. I’ve done this numerous times where I sit back in the car, fall into a light trance thinking about stuff yet I’m driving home as safely and normally as ever.

No you don’t have to worry that a guy is in a trance and operating a vehicle, because my brain has figure out how to do it without me focusing on it. This is what the title, “Automate my Brain Please,” means.

One of the most difficult things to do in our world is to think. People hate to do it and at any opportunity they usually run from it. People ideally want someone else to do the thinking for them. This is why we cling to leaders, join groups clubs and social hangouts.

This is why consultants are highly paid, and this is why so many people work jobs. This is also why so many people hate their jobs or get bored with it. I had a buddy, who told me he was bored with his job, and he played in the NBA; I thought it cannot get more exciting than playing in the NBA.

The thing here is that our brain likes to take it easy and put forth the least amount of effort. What the brain will do is learn something well the first time doing so. After a couple of routines the brain will begin to look for shortcuts to make the task easier and done faster and more affective. It ultimately wants to do the task without any thinking.

Thinking burns up a lot of energy and let’s face it; people are not into the burning calories, I mean energy. This is how habits are born, be they good or bad; it is an automatic process the brain does whether you like it or not or notice it or not.

Please Automate My Brain

Neurologists have studied the brain and have traced the triggers in the actual brain that shows the formation of habits. Studies have suggested that anything can become a habit; we all want brain automation for things we desire, such as making more money, have better health, having more freedom to spend time with the people we want, and get the girl or guy of our dreams. Nevertheless, we desire these things without clearly making them habits first.Automated Brain

This means we do not make the behavior a habit or automate as we did with something like brushing our teeth every morning. If we take a task, as arduous or as simple as ever and do it every day nearly without thinking about how difficult it is; it soon will become habitual.

Our brains will automate the process for us making it something we do without even thinking. The brain will find ways to make it easier to do and more efficient if we put enough initial thought into it, our brain will handle the rest. The brain likes to take it easy and will find a way to do that with all habits.

Whether it is washing dishes or writing articles, eating healthier, or exercising we can make it a strong habit by asking our brain to automate the thinking process. We take the same routes to work or events for a reason; the main reason is we can get there without thinking.

Put the brain back to work by taking different routes, introduce a new route every day so that the brain automates all of the new routes and is constantly working. Beyoncé sang a song saying, “Upgrade You” and the brain is telling you let me “automate you” and that is simply building habits.


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Ps: I have a newsletter titled Life’s A Game and it is a challenge to play the game of life to live what Tim Ferris called the 4 hour work week. On the newsletter I’ll introduce to you money making programs you can choose from and the brain habits to do these programs efficiently and profitably to the tune of $300 to $1000 a day.

I’ll also have healthy living programs for weight loss, health makeovers, and more; I also will show how to personally develop into the person you really deep down want to be.

I do this all by giving instructions and tasks you do to make them habit and your brain automates the rest. Join this newsletter TODAY and I mean right now in order to make your brain make habits that will finally change your life for the better…you know the way you really deep down want things.


What Do You Do When Need Extra Money?

Get the Money You Need

Have you decided to earn extra money to pay some bills or buy something new like a boat, car, or big ass entertainment system? What are your options? Pick up a second or third job, join one of those funny “pyramid schemes”, or go online as an affiliate marketer are the top options (I did not forget going back to school or begging for a raise from your current job).

Today it is easier than you believe or think but the key is that you can’t get caught up in HYPE! You have to focus on what you want and do that only.

You’d prolly (probably) be better off working with people who know what their doing or know how to do what you want to do; so you can bypass the learning curve and borrow someone elses’ experience.

Now this month alone, I’ve been able to make an additional $1,500 and I did not do anything except blog about things I know about and things I enjoy. If you can do that it will become very simple to make that extra money to get what you want (whatever it is).*

To do this you need to produce a good product or become an affiliate of a great product. It would prolly be better to do the latter; why not let someone else do all the work of making a product, building a website, testing the site, and making sure it sells, then you just promote it and take home a commission. This is harder than it was to read and write, but it is very simple.

The way to do this is the blog and blog often. This is rather easy to do if you have a passion on the subject you’re blogging about. Video blogging is popular and learning some marketing and advertising methods. You can learn how to do this by website that shows the best ways to make money online at home. The key is to stay focused!

Have fun today

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