The Importance of Clear Intentions and Clarity

Importance of Clear Intentions
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Do you know the one thing people striving for success overlook? Do you know that they overlook this and it is why 90% wander through life aimlessly. It is why people can’t meet or hit their goals. It is because they do not have clear intentions for their life for the business for the career even for their families. In this brief article I’m going to outline ways to get clear intentions and why it is important for you right now.

One of the main things to really understand is that the Universe expects a lot from us. The Universe plays a vital role in our lives even if we decide to acknowledge this or not. The Universe puts in our hearts things that we desire or things that we want to do however many of us tend to ignore these desires and intentions. People that ignore what the Universe has given them to do typically wander through life aimlessly.

Clarity and the Importance of Clear Intentions

Have you ever notice when you ask for something that you actually got it? Have you ever noticed that when you ask for something very small that you received it? We typically do this a lot, we ask for stuff but we’re not very clear on what we are asking for. Just last year I asked for a laptop and I got one and I didn’t like it, now I know clearly to ask for a specific type of laptop that will perform the main functions that I need.

If you’re going to ask for things be very detailed. For example don’t just ask for a car; ask for the new Mercedes Benz SL500, silver in color, custom wheels, inside leather seating, moon-roof  and a communicating system. Everything to the exact detail, you should include when you ask of things from the Universe. Hey, they say be careful what you ask for, because as they say you just might get it.

Importance of clear intentions and clarity

As it pertains to your life family career or business as you have a clear vision people will want to work with you. People like following leaders and leaders have clear intentions or vision for themselves. When you have a clear vision you become like Lebron James or Dwayne Wade you will attract success to yourself.

Without clear intentions you will attract confusion and confusion attracts no success. If you remember the story in the Bible about Joseph, Joseph had a clear vision for restoring or saving Egypt from the coming famine. He was awarded the highest thrown in Egypt next to Pharaoh because of this.

Understanding the Importance of Clear Intentions

You have to treat your intentions or your goals very seriously. Think about when you go to a bank to get a loan or if you go for a grant, they make you show a very detailed plan (called a business plan). The universe is the exact same way. The more detailed you are, shows the amount of faith you have because of the clarity that comes with your intention.

So this is what you need to do; write out exactly what you’re going to achieve and why. Second write out exactly how you plan to accomplish and realized this goal. Third, write out the steps it will take on a daily basis in the form of tasks to realize your goals. You will benefit more if you meditate visualize and pray on the desired outcome you wish to have.

Are You Utilizing the Importance of Clear Intentions and Clarity in Your Life?

The last step is of course is the most important; take action. Take lots of action because you know that goals without any work towards them are nothing; vision without application is nothing. Once you have your intentions written out, life will become very easy. It will be based on waking up and taking actions that are already planned out.


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