7 Keys on How to Raise a Smart Child


7 Keys on How to Raise a Smart Child

Having children is a tall order and for those who take it seriously, it is a challenge in of itself. We all want the best for our children, however, in the information age we are living in today; how do you arm your child or children  with the best “mental” equipment to make it in the world today? How do you raise a smart child or smart children?

Well all things begin with a solid plan. In this book read, I read the book titled How to Raise  A Smarter Child by Kindergarten. It’s a good book by a well documented doctor, Dr. David Perlmutter, and there were a lot of helpful tips discussed in this book with scientific research to support.

Here are a few of my notes:

1) Breastfeed your child from birth for at least the first 12 months – and continue to give child an optimal brain enhancing diet, which should include DHA you can get from essential fats (flaxseed oil, fish oil). These are great brain development nutrients

2) Engage your child in mentally stimulating activities from the first few weeks of life (peek-a-boo – follow my finger – reading stories and changing the trajectory of your voice – etc)

3) As your child gets older, severely limit the time they have to watch TV, DVDs, or in my case Netflix. Kids need two way interaction predominantly, the TV only offers one way communication. Let’s not get into the sales pitch frenzy TV offers and creates in the mind of kids.

4) Introduce your child to music, preferably classical from birth, but formal music training by age 4 – studies showed this dramatically helps a child excel in math and science.

5) Give your children early computer training, as this improves cognitive function and prepares them better for school.

6) Watch out for common brain toxins found in foods, toys, clothing, and even the backyard. Obviously, these can kill or sicken, or slow brain function.

7) Make your home a low stress environment with attentive caregivers. In those first five years, kids need love! They also need attentive caregivers; you don’t want your kids pretending to smoke cigarettes because they saw it on tv.

how to raise a smart child

These are my notes, obviously you may find more or get more insight than I did, so go to your local library or get this book from amazon or any book retailer and consume it yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, these are 7 quick keys you should use on how to raise a smart child.




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