Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure


Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure

Difference in Temporary Defeat and Failure

The man or woman who understands the difference between temporary defeat and failure is very fortunate in their learning and understanding.

They understand that defeats are learning processes. A good NBA team will lose 20 to 30 times in a given season, yet that team may still win the NBA title.

The season was not a failure.

More fortunate than the man or woman who understands the above difference is the woman or man who has learned the truth that the planting of success is simply asleep in every defeat they experience.

The failure believes the seed of success was killed in a defeat, not understanding it was simply dormant. If you totally understand the difference, you will be a totally successful person!

What is something you’ve taken as a failure not realizing it was a temporary defeat?

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You Are Not Finished Right Now


You Are Not Finished Right Now

You Are Not Finished Right Now

Unless you are deceased, you are not done. Arianna Huffington said, “innovation is never seeing yourself as a finished product.”

You are not finished, whether you are in a upswing with lots of accomplishments and momentum, or if you are in a downswing with failure and nothing moving for you in life.

My buddy once told me events and things are just moments in your life. You have lots of time to innovate projects, products, careers, and family, but you must first recognized that you are not a finished product.

You have to continue to grow.

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You Can’t Handle Success: “Girl You Can’t Handle This”


Girl You Can’t Handle This

Many people aren’t successful in business or life for that matter simply because they can’t handle it. They get all worked up in stuff that does not matter and they can’t handle the success and what comes with it.

Truth be known, a bunch of failure, ridicule, and frustration comes with success… just ask any successful person. There are GREAT videos on YouTube, I mean just wonderful and edifying, yet some people choose to give it a thumbs down, so a lot of stuff comes with success and people at most just aren’t ready for it.

I wasn’t ready for it for years until I realized that it comes with the territory called success! So I’m telling you now, both guys and girls… “you can’t handle this…”


Getting Out of a Boring Conventional Period in Your Life

Are you stuck in the same old mundane routine of life? Is life sending you a lot of the same old downward spiral luck you seem not able to get out of? Things like this happen to everyone. It’s just a matter of knowing how to break out of it that will make the difference between success or boring failure. In this short article I will show you a surefire way of getting out of the boring, mundane, downward spiraling life that may have come up on you.

Getting Out of a Boring Conventional Period is Possible…Here’s How

The way to get out of the mundane and the negatively spiraling life is too treated life like a game. Like in basketball when a team goes on a massive run the other team has to do something about it.

What typically happens when one team (we will call that Team-Life) makes a massive run on the other team (we will call the Team-You), Team-Life makes every shot, gets a whole bunch of steals and completely disorientate the other team, Team-You. You seem like you’ve never played the game ever in your life because of how discombobulated you have become.

It really does not matter what you try to do or what you try to change. As the crowd screams louder and louder (they are distractions in life) you get more and more distracted from playing the game. What needs to happen at this time is for twenty-second timeout. If the short timeout does not help then a full timeout needs to be taken. During this timeout Team-You needs to tighten the focus, reorganize, and reconnect with the original purposes.

Getting Out of a Boring Conventional Period in Life
Don’t Stay Stuck

You may need to change plays, change offenses, learned to change the defense, double-team the offending player that is doing the most damage in your life. Most of the time in the real game of life, we do not have coaches or people who can evaluate what’s going on in our lives.

If you do not have a life coach or mentor or social counselor that can professionally analyze your life at that moment and you may want to seek one.

Getting Out of a Boring Conventional Period

This is something that people tend to think they are odd for or weird if they go see a counselor. Most great athletes, actually all great athletes, have or had a coach. So do most great men and women, they have counselors or advisors. If you cannot afford a coach or an adviser then go seek a friend who has wisdom and good life insight. The last resort should really be the first resort and that is to seek God. Up on seeking God you can get more insight on what is going on in your life by asking questions.

It’s Fulfilling Getting Out of a Boring Conventional Period

Seeking God, meditating and praying to God will clear your mind and give you insight or ideas of things you can do to get out of the mundane and figure out where the problem lies. You want to have this conversation with God just like you would with any other friend. It should be a conversation. And what will happen if you do this the right way, you will see the answers either come into your mind, or the right people will be sent to you who can help you with the answers that you need.

This is how you can get out of any situation or mundane routine in your life. It’s your life. Do not fail to take action if you do not take action all of this is for naught.

Due Daniels

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