The Power of Vision in Your Life


The Power of Vision in Your Life

The Power of Vision in Your Life

NEVER underestimate the POWER of having vision. Vision is the ability to see your purpose and your dreams and your desires and your tomorrow, today!

Most people in their life are unable to see beyond their current moment. And when they attempt to see beyond the moment they mistakenly look in the past at the current mishaps or past mishaps their life has presented.

This causes an uncontrollable vicious cycle of living in the past and recycling BAD experiences. It is frustrating and will lead to an unsatisfactory life. If you want to get around this conundrum, you must learn how to have vision and see it very clearly EACH day.

The moment you lose it, is the moment you perish.

Visions begin with the life you daydream about or things you see yourself doing but seem too hard or out there to actually go and do?


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I’m Not Sure What I Want


I’m Not Sure What I Want

I'm Not Sure What I Want

I was talking a friend last weekend and he spoke about wanting to make more money and possibly get off his bus driving job.

I sensed he was serious but not at the point where he’s going to take serious action every day, so I thought I’d use a couple of questions to help him get more serious about his inquiry.

So I asked him, how much money friend would you deem good for you to discontinue your job and be content with your new income that fulfills your needs and desires?

His response was, “I’m not sure, that’s a good question. I’m not sure what I want.”

He said this then proceeded to say $10,000 per month would be ideal. The underlying problem with my friend and with many others (maybe even you reading right now), is that we must be sure and clear about what we want.

If you’re not sure, this means you haven’t thought about the question or thought deep down enough about it. Find out what you want and become sure about it!

This can be done by simply writing it out and reading it every morning and evening. This will help you refine it and keep it on your mind!

Of course if you need help with this, feel free to contact us!

Get Clarity

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Getting a Financial Consultant | Day 14


Getting a Financial Consultant

Welcome to day 14 of the 30 days to turn your life around challenge with your host Mr. Due Daniels…

Today we want to set up a financial system to manage and invest and spend the money that we make and also bring in better ways to increase our incomings. This will be best done by obtaining a financial consultant/analyst/advisor.

We are not looking for just any ole average financial advisor that will tell you how to order your ducks and set up a budget. That is great but what we are truly looking for is for the financial analyst that can look at what you are doing currently and can help correct a lot of your ways and habits ( financial habits); and also one who can look at your desires and dreams and goals and make sure you are on the right path for obtaining those as well.

Enjoy the video and please leave your feedback.

Due Daniels



Taking No Thought


Taking No ThoughtIn the Bible, there are a lot of scriptures that pertain to helping us improve life, business, professional, and personal altogether. In particularly, Jesus said to take no thought of your life regarding what you are going to eat, what you going to drink, what you’re going to wear; because life is much bigger than what you’re going to eat.

Life is much bigger than what you going to wear, people have made life all about that material stuff and in the process we’ve forgotten how to rule ourselves by ruling our thoughts.

You don’t have to worry about your needs, and likewise, if you transfer the same faith you have for your needs to your wants and desires, you will be operating on absolute faith.

If we think of ourselves as children of God, children of the Universe, children of the Ultimate Intelligence, then we can learn by what the Universe has done with us through our children. I’m fortunate to have kids and in observing them, I realize a few things from young kids, (shoot) even most teenagers. They normally take no thought of food, clothing, shelter, or any of the common “needs” we typically have. Thousands of people worry about these common needs everyday.

Taking No Thought

They (children) have the absolute faith that they will receive the things they need from their parents. When it comes to a want or desire, such as a toy, fancy gadget, they simply come and ask me for it. Normally, I can tell from their level of faith, enthusiasm, and persistence if they are going to get what they are asking for from me. And I know when they do receive what they truly wanted; they will have the smile on from ear to ear and the face of gratitude on them.

I love that level of faith and gratitude, and that is what I’m reminded of when I think of the phrase, “taking no thought.” You don’t have to worry about your needs, and likewise, if you transfer the same faith you have for your needs to your wants and desires, you will be operating on absolute faith. Absolute faith in yourself, is absolute faith in your Creator and nothing beats that. I should make the point that taking no thought is not exactly not to think about food, clothing, shelter, but rather not to worry about not having food clothing and shelter.

The animals don’t worry about it; they are instinctive about their needs knowing the Creator will provide. They are taking no thought of what they will eat, drink, and wear. And the thing about all of this is that we are much better than the animals of the field because we are made after the image of the Creator.

Absolute faith in yourself, is absolute faith in your Creator and nothing beats that.

You do want to take thought in the sense that you think about how gracious the Creator is to you for the food, drink, clothing, house, job, business, friends, family, and all the beautiful wonders of life the Creator has bestowed upon you! You have to focus on the good, focus on what you want, and if hardships come your way, be thankful you found a way to get through them to get back to the goodness of the Creator. Taking no thought, means don’t think about how you’re going to eat, drink, and dress, simply think and know you will be because the Creator has you.

Think of how well you are dressed, how  well you eat, and how well you live and you’ll have those things operating out of complete faith.

Peace and blessings,

Due Daniels

“Mental Scientist…”

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25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

The Importance of Clear Intentions and Clarity

Importance of Clear Intentions
Clear Path

Do you know the one thing people striving for success overlook? Do you know that they overlook this and it is why 90% wander through life aimlessly. It is why people can’t meet or hit their goals. It is because they do not have clear intentions for their life for the business for the career even for their families. In this brief article I’m going to outline ways to get clear intentions and why it is important for you right now.

One of the main things to really understand is that the Universe expects a lot from us. The Universe plays a vital role in our lives even if we decide to acknowledge this or not. The Universe puts in our hearts things that we desire or things that we want to do however many of us tend to ignore these desires and intentions. People that ignore what the Universe has given them to do typically wander through life aimlessly.

Clarity and the Importance of Clear Intentions

Have you ever notice when you ask for something that you actually got it? Have you ever noticed that when you ask for something very small that you received it? We typically do this a lot, we ask for stuff but we’re not very clear on what we are asking for. Just last year I asked for a laptop and I got one and I didn’t like it, now I know clearly to ask for a specific type of laptop that will perform the main functions that I need.

If you’re going to ask for things be very detailed. For example don’t just ask for a car; ask for the new Mercedes Benz SL500, silver in color, custom wheels, inside leather seating, moon-roof  and a communicating system. Everything to the exact detail, you should include when you ask of things from the Universe. Hey, they say be careful what you ask for, because as they say you just might get it.

Importance of clear intentions and clarity

As it pertains to your life family career or business as you have a clear vision people will want to work with you. People like following leaders and leaders have clear intentions or vision for themselves. When you have a clear vision you become like Lebron James or Dwayne Wade you will attract success to yourself.

Without clear intentions you will attract confusion and confusion attracts no success. If you remember the story in the Bible about Joseph, Joseph had a clear vision for restoring or saving Egypt from the coming famine. He was awarded the highest thrown in Egypt next to Pharaoh because of this.

Understanding the Importance of Clear Intentions

You have to treat your intentions or your goals very seriously. Think about when you go to a bank to get a loan or if you go for a grant, they make you show a very detailed plan (called a business plan). The universe is the exact same way. The more detailed you are, shows the amount of faith you have because of the clarity that comes with your intention.

So this is what you need to do; write out exactly what you’re going to achieve and why. Second write out exactly how you plan to accomplish and realized this goal. Third, write out the steps it will take on a daily basis in the form of tasks to realize your goals. You will benefit more if you meditate visualize and pray on the desired outcome you wish to have.

Are You Utilizing the Importance of Clear Intentions and Clarity in Your Life?

The last step is of course is the most important; take action. Take lots of action because you know that goals without any work towards them are nothing; vision without application is nothing. Once you have your intentions written out, life will become very easy. It will be based on waking up and taking actions that are already planned out.


Due Daniels

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