Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires
Creative Visualization is Separate from Meditation

When I was a little boy I knew absolutely nothing about creative visualization besides the visualization all kids do. I would call it pretending; I’d pretend I was something else or someone else and that would be the extent of it.

This was primarily stronger during the days leading up to high school and in high school it took on a totally different form. As an adult I’ve learned that creative visualization and multi millionaires have a bit in common. Wealthy people are creative visualizers and I’ll tell you why before the end of this article.

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires

While I was in high school, I began to have this burning desire to be good at something. I loved basketball and I decided I would be the best basketball player in my town or neighborhood. To accomplish this I had to work harder than all the other kids. I had to practice things so they wouldn’t show up as weaknesses. I had to keep in the best shape.

However, I soon realized that I was missing one special ingredient in making myself the best. I was not being creatively visual in what I wanted my intention or final outcome to become. Without being showed how or without learning it from a guru (remember then we didn’t have internet or social media); I would pull out the old VHF tapes of Come Fly with Me, by Michael Jordan and watch.

After I watched the tape, which I watch nearly every day, I would go sit in a room by myself and visualize playing against my high school foes, my high school teammates, and against other NBA professionals. I would have creative visualization of Michael Jordan’s moves but instead of Mike doing them, I would see myself doing the moves. Once I was able to see MYSELF doing the moves instead of Mike, something MAGICAL would happen the next day I played basketball.

The Use of Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires Correlation

I would be able to go out on the court and do the exact move or moves I was visualizing the other day. It was amazing and it fascinated me. I was onto something on the basketball court, because unfortunately it took me 15 years to translate or transfer this same power to other areas in life.

One thing was and is for sure, I knew that if I creatively visualized myself doing something, I could in actuality go out and perform it. Today, that is an amazing tool I have and have relearned and even perfected in my work, career, family, and relationships. I recently learned this is what high performers all over the world do or utilize.

This is why creative visualization and multi millionaires usually go hand-in-hand. These ultra successful men and women (shew…even children now days) use this to realize their thoughts (dreams). In fact we all use it, some just use it more constructively and purposefully than others. Have you ever heard yourself say, “I just can’t see myself doing that.”

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires
Dream Bigger 

Your conscious mind purposely did not want you to take part in whatever you had been presented to you and actively told you not to visualize that at all. If you can’t visualize it, it is nearly impossible to do.

Creative Visualization and Multi Millionaires Mindset

The next time you are called to task, remember to take the time to see it through, take the time to find the purpose, and use your creativity. Take action once you are able to clearly have the vision of it and go full throttle. Creative visualization and multi millionaires are a common thread, you can be a multi millionaire by simply ramping up your visualization skills.


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