Crash Course of Economics 101


Crash Course of Economics 101


Crash Course of Economics 101

Economics is the study of PEOPLE, and choices. Much like sociology, except it focuses on the ordinary business of life!

Therefore, economics is the study of wealth, but more so a bigger study of man.

Economics has been taught boring and dull to those who are not interested in economics.

BTW, I failed an economics class in college (failing to me is a “C”) and all I can say was the teacher was excited and knew his stuff, but a great teacher engages, he just doesn’t teach with passion and enthusiasm.

He must engage! He has to get the least interested person engaged and able to grasp the info. I hope this crash course helps you understand economic a bit better.

Leave a comment if you feel you have a better grasp of the concept of economics

How do you think ECONOMICS will help change some of the things you do in life everyday?!

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