Watch Your Children Watching You


Watch Your Children Watching You

Watch Your Children Watching You

It is just criminal to neglect children.

Children come into this world and the very people they are most enamored by are their parents, beginning with mom, then dad.

They see themselves as their parents and try to do everything their parents do. What is criminal is that a lot parents are completely blind to the laws of raising their own children.

Parents often lean on an emotional love instead of a structural love when raising their young.

Also unfortunate, most parents really didn’t plan a family, no. They just had a lot of intimate passion for each other for the or “a” moment, and figure they can get along and raise kids in dysfunction as long as they do so with love.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

I watch parent child interaction often, and what I’ve noticed is that children are watching their parents more than parents think. Especially when you’re talking about them.

I saw this young adorable five or six year old girl starring her mom’s gestures, movement, tone, and look. Her mom was talking to me and as I listened, I took glances at her and she was fixed on her mom. She was capturing everything her mom said and did.

Watch your children watching you, and if you know they are, make sure you’re giving them the stuff you really want them to emulate.

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7 Keys on How to Raise a Smart Child


7 Keys on How to Raise a Smart Child

Having children is a tall order and for those who take it seriously, it is a challenge in of itself. We all want the best for our children, however, in the information age we are living in today; how do you arm your child or children  with the best “mental” equipment to make it in the world today? How do you raise a smart child or smart children?

Well all things begin with a solid plan. In this book read, I read the book titled How to Raise  A Smarter Child by Kindergarten. It’s a good book by a well documented doctor, Dr. David Perlmutter, and there were a lot of helpful tips discussed in this book with scientific research to support.

Here are a few of my notes:

1) Breastfeed your child from birth for at least the first 12 months – and continue to give child an optimal brain enhancing diet, which should include DHA you can get from essential fats (flaxseed oil, fish oil). These are great brain development nutrients

2) Engage your child in mentally stimulating activities from the first few weeks of life (peek-a-boo – follow my finger – reading stories and changing the trajectory of your voice – etc)

3) As your child gets older, severely limit the time they have to watch TV, DVDs, or in my case Netflix. Kids need two way interaction predominantly, the TV only offers one way communication. Let’s not get into the sales pitch frenzy TV offers and creates in the mind of kids.

4) Introduce your child to music, preferably classical from birth, but formal music training by age 4 – studies showed this dramatically helps a child excel in math and science.

5) Give your children early computer training, as this improves cognitive function and prepares them better for school.

6) Watch out for common brain toxins found in foods, toys, clothing, and even the backyard. Obviously, these can kill or sicken, or slow brain function.

7) Make your home a low stress environment with attentive caregivers. In those first five years, kids need love! They also need attentive caregivers; you don’t want your kids pretending to smoke cigarettes because they saw it on tv.

how to raise a smart child

These are my notes, obviously you may find more or get more insight than I did, so go to your local library or get this book from amazon or any book retailer and consume it yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, these are 7 quick keys you should use on how to raise a smart child.



Children are a Blessings and a Challenge

5a5I6R_oUsUChildren are a Blessing and a ChallengeSome people use to say, children can be a blessings or a curse. The reality is that children are a blessings and a challenge.

The blessing is the joy they bring as infants, and the impact they have on parents maturation process. I’ve seen the worst of people clean up their act once they had a their first child.

Children usually don’t come with an easy button. From day one it is an extreme challenge. Any parent out there knows that, I can see y’all now say, “AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!”

Children are a blessing because if we develop them correctly, we will experience joy for years to come. If we don’t step up to the challenge, we will see them rot away with the environment. We have to inspect what we expect, so parents need to be involved.

Children aren’t a set it and forget type of deal. They are trying to be like their parents and everything else around that looks cool, flashy, and popular. Parents need to check things at the door with wisdom and authority. This builds trust.


Too often, especially in our modern day, children are having children. And don’t think for a minute you’re not a child even if you’re 29. It is more so what you have within your mind. Children are having children and they can only replicate in development, children. A lot of parents have nothing to offer their children. A pair of Jordans or haircut every week is not worth an ear of corn.

What do you give your children emotionally and mentally? What can they hold onto for time immemorial? Parents, and the extended family and community make the children.

Children are a Blessings and a Challenge

Children are blessings and a challenge!

In the book of Psalm (yeah it’s in the Bible, yeah I read it from time to time)

At chapter 127 it says, “children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Jesus made it plain to bring the children to Him. This is to say, children are vital, they are our greatest responsibility and investment. Psalm goes on to say, “Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.”

Most people aren’t too happy today to have a lot of children because of the system of raising children has changed. NEVERTHELESS, don’t forget, they are challenging, but you as the parent must be up for the game!

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