Live Your Life with Some Passion and Drive


Live Your Life with Some Passion and Drive

Some things in life are not questionable, and living with passion and drive is one of them. To have passion and drive, you MUST learn and know your purpose. Videos or audios like this really help you come close or become aware of your purpose.

You can listen to the audio if you prefer…

Live Your Life with Some Passion and Drive

Zesting up your life is something that is needed for renewal everyday. If you need help in this field, feel free to contact us!

Zest Up by Allowing Cool Down Times

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Effective Entrepreneurs Have These 15 Characteristics


Effective Entrepreneurs Have These 15 Characteristics

One of the things successful people do is go into business or become an entrepreneur. If you are already, this is great; if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, these 15 characteristics are certainly necessary for those who want to be effective.

Being optimistic is definitely a quality you must have, and in the world today of business, there are a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic. Watch this video and leave a comment.

Of course if you want to be an entrepreneur, feel free to contact us for ideas that will suit you best!

Making Your Money Automatic is Key

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Effective Entrepreneurs Have These 15 Characteristics

CEOs; Make Fewer Decisions


CEOs; Make Fewer Decisions

CEOs; Make Fewer Decisions

Are you running a company, are you running your life, are you running a company founded and visioned by other founders? 

If you answered yes to any of these, here is a new piece of advice coming from former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. He says to make fewer decisions. It is often thought that great CEOs and people have come in and make a whole lot of decisions.

You do and you don’t. Schmidt said in the book, How Google Works;

The tendency of a CEO, especially a new one trying to make an impact in a founder-led company, is to try to make too big an impact. It is hard to check that CEO ego at the door and let others make decisions, but that is precisely what needs to be done.

Eric had a process he’d do when a decision needed to be that he and the cofounders disagreed on. He’d identify the issue (standard procedure), have the argument about it (just the parties necessary – in his case the two founders and he), and set a deadline for the resolution!

His last corollary was to let the founders decide. I guess with this approach all they can fire you for is for letting them make such a decision. The point is that you don’t have to jump in and rip the company from the founders and you don’t have to make too big an impact to impress.

Just make fewer decisions as you lead and guide the company or your life!

Write Insults and Criticisms Down

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You Can’t Handle Success: “Girl You Can’t Handle This”


Girl You Can’t Handle This

Many people aren’t successful in business or life for that matter simply because they can’t handle it. They get all worked up in stuff that does not matter and they can’t handle the success and what comes with it.

Truth be known, a bunch of failure, ridicule, and frustration comes with success… just ask any successful person. There are GREAT videos on YouTube, I mean just wonderful and edifying, yet some people choose to give it a thumbs down, so a lot of stuff comes with success and people at most just aren’t ready for it.

I wasn’t ready for it for years until I realized that it comes with the territory called success! So I’m telling you now, both guys and girls… “you can’t handle this…”


Shows Talking About Other Shows

Shows Talking About Other Shows

The world we live in is one where if you aren’t doing what you truly want to do with your life, it is basically because you are not paying attention!

I’m sorry…

There are television programs where the point of the show, the thesis of the show, is to comment or talk about another show. Some people are reality show junkies; they can’t get away from the show, and further, they can’t get away from talking about the (reality) show at work with other junkies or with people that do not care at all but listen anyway.

So how does talking about reality shows have anything to do with you living the life you want to? Well, these days, you can start a blog style website absolutely free or you can pay anywhere from 50 bucks on downward for a pretty tidy weblog that you can share your thoughts on wax on the shows you enjoy and get paid for it?

How can you do that?

Of course you can, and what you don’t know is that you would probably develop a following, a readership and viewership, and a pretty awesome blog/website talking about another show.

Forget talking about another show, what about talking and sharing something you’re passionate about? Well, I guess you can be passionate about a show. You can do it, and it is right in you right now; all you need is the training and the knowledge of how to put it together.

The good news is that there is a way to build a blog style website on a sturdy hosting and content management platform. And it will be made simple, so simple that it will be very easy to blog, an 80 year young grandma can do it from her brain new smartphone.

Learn how right now (learn about it at the link to the left)!

Start blogging about the stuff you talk about most often throughout the day and I bet you, you’ll enjoy doing it so much, tons of others will enjoy watching and listening to you do just that! Shows talking about other shows is not new, and that is why you are in the best time in history; you can start your show right now!

God bless,

Due Daniels