The Brilliance of Age Over Youth


The Brilliance of Age Over Youth

The Brilliance of Age Over Youth

I was at a Bulls game in 1998; my collegiate teammates and I were granted tickets by our university to a Milwaukee Bucks game versus the world champion Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

The game was in Milwaukee. We were in town playing against the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and we were granted this special treat.

I remember this being my first Bulls game ever and my only time witnessing Michael Jordan live. I wanted him to have one of those 50 point nights. Instead, Michael only finished with like 28 or so point (notice 28 is an “only” for Michael, but a career night for a typical player today).

I wasn’t disappointed but I did want at least to have some of the magic from the man Michael Jordan.

Towards the end of the game he goes baseline on Walter Ray Allen and dunks over Armon Gilliam. I felt like I was at a Michael Jackson concert, the electricity of seeing Michael do one of his signature dunks went through the Milwaukee city.

A few plays later he gets the ball in the post and spins off of Walter Ray Allen and does his signature reverse layup and I went crazy again.

I found this video online and of course had to share it because Walter Ray Allen was a rookie in the NBA and Jordan was in his last year. However, the age and brilliance of Michael was able to sustain the youth and power of Ray Allen.

This is why the world is ran by the elders. The elders have the experience to counter the power, the enthusiasm and the strength of the youth. Is this a knock against the youth?

Of course not!

This is a knock against nobody except for those who wish to work alone. We must work together, the aged and the youth to sustain this world. Now, enjoy the Michael Jordan classic video!

BBallers, who was surprised at Ray Allen holding his own against MJ and the Bulls?

The Straight-A Conspiracy Theory



The World History of Agriculture


The World History of Agriculture


The World History of Agriculture

One of the most important things to learn is agriculture.

Agriculture, according to Google, is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.

One of human’s basic needs is food so this process is vital and yet many people, including myself, allow complete strangers to do it for us.

No problem, but I suggest you at least learn how to do it or learn about it in general incase you ever decide to bit the hand that feeds you!  

The best way to learn agriculture is not by a youtube video, but by going and studying the Amish. Enjoy the video.

Would you ever want to own or work a farm one day?

dO You think agriculture is important after this video?!

Watch post on Crash Course of Economics 101




Crash Course of Economics 101


Crash Course of Economics 101


Crash Course of Economics 101

Economics is the study of PEOPLE, and choices. Much like sociology, except it focuses on the ordinary business of life!

Therefore, economics is the study of wealth, but more so a bigger study of man.

Economics has been taught boring and dull to those who are not interested in economics.

BTW, I failed an economics class in college (failing to me is a “C”) and all I can say was the teacher was excited and knew his stuff, but a great teacher engages, he just doesn’t teach with passion and enthusiasm.

He must engage! He has to get the least interested person engaged and able to grasp the info. I hope this crash course helps you understand economic a bit better.

Leave a comment if you feel you have a better grasp of the concept of economics

How do you think ECONOMICS will help change some of the things you do in life everyday?!

Read on How to Overcome Obstacles

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How to Overcome Obstacles


How to Overcome Obstacles!

How to Overcome Obstacles!

It is inevitable that obstacles will always come into play within your life. If you live a life without obstacles, you would be a completely lazy untested person.

Obstacles help you become battle tested. With no obstacles, you would have no motivation because there is nothing you would have to overcome.

So in life we all must learn how to overcome obstacles.

The way to do it is to first have a sound strategy. Sound strategies have an A, B, C route so that if route-A encounters a roadblock, you should be able to switch gears to route-B.

What happens to most people is that they come up with a strategy that only consist of route-A.

When a huge or small obstacle steps in front of route-A, this person is doomed to stop their trip because it appears to them there is no other way.

They are forced to look at the obstacle, which has a way of appearing very dauntingly and bigger than it really is, and in doing this people forget the overall vision and plan they originally had.

Therefore we must remember to look at our strategy more closely and have Plan-B’s and C’s in order to keep moving and overcome obstacles that will come in our path!

What are some worthwhile strategies you’ve used to overcome obstacles?!

What’s Your OST?

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What’s Your OST?


What’s Your OST?

What’s Your OST?

I began reading a book by Alastair Campbell, and I won’t review the book here because I merely began reading it a few days ago.

At any rate, Campbell lays out something that all winners in the world have. They have an OST.

What is OST?

Winners have an objective or popularly known as a goal. With that objective, winners have a strategy to obtain the goal. Most people have goals or objectives, but they do not have sound strategies or a strategy period to get what they want.

Campbell says this is nearly the most vital thing today because knowledge is everywhere. People have access to the same coaches, teachers, mentors, leaders, and everything else that the next man and woman has access to.

What set’s winners from losers is strategy. What’s important about strategy is that it must be written down.

The last thing is tactics. Just because we have a strategy doesn’t mean everything is going to go as planned. This is where tactics come into play. Tactics are thing things you must do to establish the strategy.

I guess, said another way would be the “GPA,” goal, plan, actions. As I get more into the book, maybe I’ll do a review or maybe just give more micro tips for you. Develop your OST today!

The new year is coming upon us, it is a good time to write out a new OST or refine the one you’re currently working on!

Fake Positive People, Positive All the Time!

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Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time


Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time?

You’ve seen it where someone is too positive all the time. They are too positive to mourn, to feel bad, to watch the news, and are a bit out of touch with reality.

I was like that for a moment in time where I’d be around some friends of mine and they would be giving me the rundown on the atrocities and negative news going around the world and city, and I’d first of all didn’t know these types of things existed.

It started when I went on an information fast and completely stopped watching the news, reading the paper, reading news blogs, and listening to podcasts. When I did come back to info consumption, I only read books that lined up with my goals and dreams, and aspirations.

Naturally, I’m an empathetic person, so if someone called me with the news that someone died or was shot, I’d respond the way a normal person should respond to someone else’s bad sad or troubling news.

That’s terrible, and saddening. I’m really sorry to hear that. Is there anything specific you need from me (besides my unconditional care and love – I don’t say that part, but I express it)?”

From there I find positives that can counter some of the negatives and act as hope for them or light in the midst of their dark moment.

People who ignore or brush off, or quickly move to another topic, upon hearing bad news from someone else, are not being fake, but they have lost touch with reality a bit. They perhaps also have a low level of empathy or don’t know how to express empathy well.

Positive people feel all the emotions that negative or ordinary people feel. The difference is that we make a conscious decision and effort to turn the camera from the negative scene and go back to the positive one.

Are You Being Fake By Being Positive All the Time

It is possible to be positive all the time; such person is a “conscious being,” and that consciousness has seeped into their subconsciousness and that becomes all they know.

The only way they know how to respond to anything has been poured into them so that it is natural and automatic. It’s not fake, it is who they have become or transformed into.

Do you know people positive all the time, and how do you deal with them?

Best Ways to Wind Down and End Your Day!

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